Is this anyone here?

I’m trying to find who this vision I’m having of belongs too. Maybe its someone here or maybe its a shot in the dark. But here goes.

I saw a yellow or beige ish house. A good size there is a nice big porch. Inside there is a room which must be the temple or altar room for this person.
Its a nice house seems to have hard wood floors and I see a fireplace.
There are long slim tables around the walls seems to be an alter and places to keep magickal stuff.
In the center of the room is a black and white circle. And the magician. And there seems to be a sigil of Lucifer. Two nice black taper candles are on either side of the circle.
Just wondering if this relates to anyone here. Anyone evoke Lucifer with those details recently?
I can see them in the circle with the candles lit. And they seem to be doing some magickal working or ritual, evocation maybe.

Anyway, just curious to see if I can find the one this belongs too.

Seems like there are jars with incense sticks in them on one of the table.

Also, the magician has tattoos.


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I have seen this too before… a lot actually…

Really? Do you know where it is? Who it is?


I am pretty sure to be honest but idk if I can say publicly.

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Yea let that would work.

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