Is this an entity?

I’m thinking of making an invocation, something that I haven’t done in a while, but I haven’t yet decided which daemon to call, so I’m studying what works best for what I want. But three days ago, when I went to bed, I couldn’t sleep because I felt a presence in my room, watching me, and a strange sensation, like when someone just hugged you and you still feel the pressure of the person’s body on you . I felt a certain fear, but soon I remembered that whatever it was, I could banish it, so I murmured a “fuck it” and turned to the other side of the bed. But tonight, I had too much coffee, and I could not sleep again, when at dawn my mind was swept away with a swirl of thoughts, and that’s when I took my grimoire and began to write it:

I am the superb of Lucifer,
I am Lilith’s pride,
I am Eve’s rebellion,
I am the ingratitude of Adam,
I am the envy of Cain,
I am the wrath of Satan,
I am the darkness from where everything came
And where everything returns.
I was, I am and I will be
I am
I am
I am the last name out of the mouths of desperate sinners.
When embraced by my dearest enemy
The agony that causes the mother to devour the child
My voice that is young but old
I bring terror and power when I’m invited.
Let me in
Need you
As much as you need me.
They gave me for dead.
When my beloved gave his last cry
Along with baby crying
But I’m alive
More alive than all of you.

After I finished writing, my mind lingered for a few moments, silent, until it began to frighten me to read it aloud and afraid to read it again before going to sleep. Anyone have any idea what the hell this was?


Asmodeus, maybe.


@fapa79… perhaps yes since you mentioned his name
Awe is good but no need to fear Also. Congrats on your channelling

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Buer; maybe?