Is this an Easy fast simple third eye opening?

I’m just wondering about a ritual I heard. Back when I was doing martial arts one of the fellow students told me about a way to open your energy senses using a flame and complete darkness. He saidto sit in front of a flame in complete darkness stare at the flame for 5 minutes and then close your eyes you should see the flame in your mind’s eye and when that happens you’ll be able to sense energy. Does this sound like a way to open the third eye? @C.Kendall @Lady_Eva @DarkestKnight @Micah?


That sounds very similar if not the exact same as to what a friend of mine told me. But what I doubt about that meditation or whatever is that what you could be seeing when you close your eyes could be the afterimage of the flame. That’s what fucks me over every time I try to look at someone aura.


Pretty sure this is what you get with this method. Magic ain’t this easy, it takes genuine long term dedication. Though its easy enough to try out for yourself, maybe it really does work for some people. Doubt it though


Huh. Alright. :blush:


Yep, 200% afterimage. And if the flame you’re looking at is somewhat on the bright sight you could get permanent damage. Never a good idea to stare into a (bright) light for so long.


You won’t get a permanent damage because you will stare a candle flame for 5 mins, you need a bigger and way more brighter light to get to that. Sun gazing for example can cause perma damage.
But its definitely an afterimage what you will see.

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I have honest to gods never tried to open my third eye, I just started trying to talk to spirits when I was very little, soul travel, do spells and evocation (didn’t know it was called that at the time) etc.

I think of it as being like this:

  • third eye = muscle development

  • magick, scrying, psi senses = lifting weights.

So you can develop your muscles, THEN lift weights, or, you can lift weights and it WILL develop your muscles - same with magick & third eye.

IMO. :smiley:

I went the latter route and I think for some personality types, endlessly developing a thing with exercises is a lot less interesting than just jumping in and getting by with what you have, the ability develops very quickly, and in quantum leaps, not tedious slow progress.



EA has a method that is pretty much the same thing.

Stare at a blue Candle flame for 5 minutes a day while not blinking and chanting the mantra
Soham Akaal

It’s painful as hell for the eyes at first due to not blinking, but it works


This is what youre looking for madude


I have also seen this, candle work and a focus on no blinking, done in the training methods of a very esoteric form of the martial art kuntao. The focus on the lack of blinking has many applications…not the least of which has to do with clandestine hypnotic inductions…