Is this all real?

nope. your being unrealistic. @JUGGALO experience does not transfer to you. if you keep using others as measurements or comparison, you will never get to where you are cuz your not focusing on inner self. your just wanting what others are doing.


@anon37593562 Okay, demolators can’t from one side of their mouths say, “such and such entity was one of the first ones to fall” and then say, “We have defeated G-d or, wait, we are god.” Those who are not subservient don’t fall or are made to fall—those two concepts don’t connect.

every concept co exist. you can be awake yet asleep at same time. there is good and bad at same time. Your stuck in duality. too much philosophy theory messing up your practical thinking process.
You can be in hell yet in heaven at the same time.

I like the discussion and it is not appropriate a new member who even hasn’t introduced themselves yet, even being kindly asked, to start provoke people with an agressive tone…@JUGGALO. I can bet you even didn’t read the whole thread.

On topic, quite an interesting discussion, I would say.

I think most of the people commented, stayed with the impression that you are so confident the God has forbidden the demons to work with you, that no one could possibly break this belief of yours.

Well, it could be. They (the Elohim) could possibly do that. But with what aim? To protect you? To keep you at the “angels side”? (you mentioned you’ve had a success with an angel)

Why? Demons, as the angels, are divine creatures, many magicians work with them both with a success. Actually, in Demons of magick they share the same sigils, the angels are the ones who keep the demons from betraying or committing a fraud.

What I can suggest you, @Newbie3, is that you can try the following strategy if you still want to try to work with demons.

Choose a demon and start working with him. But give him your whole attention, like chanting his enn continiously, at least for thirty minutes every day for two weeks.

Do all that you do usually when working with demons - sigils, offerings, blood if you want. But do it continiously and - at first without making requests.

Concentrate on your third eye when you are doing this. Your aim is to make a connection first without wanting anything from the demon.

Do this every day for at least 30 minutes at the same time each day, for two weeks.

Notice the signs if there are ones. They can show up themselves into your dreams, or otherwise you will understand they have heard you.

If it doesn’t work, try the same with a different demon.
Because there is a possibility some demons to not respond, to not want working with you.

Make the connection first.
You should feel yourself totally exausted if everything passed fine.
Good luck.

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Of course! Relativism. Everyone who’s run over by a train on train tracks is physically and relatively dead😂

@zzzzzzz Very thoughtful response. And I have chosen and been drawn to King Belial. I said that here too.

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when you see a dog going backwards. It’s god. =o) And the only time you see a dog going backwards, its when the dog’s confuse and lost.

It’s like the tao. you can’t talk about it. the moment you do, your already lost.

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One can take this as a result or not. I was planning on a trip and i really wanted a beautiful beach towel. I was going to buy one but none was available. Out of nowhere while biking BAM! I see this colorful mass near a firehydrant (edge or rural almost in toen). I pass it and say i’ll investigate it after i get some cat food.

One the way back i look at it and… its a big beach towel of Hawaii.

Had a similar thing happen but more as a welcome back home gift. On the road in a is this mint tiger blanket with bengal and white tigers.

I also sneeze when spirits are about. That could be a mental trigger but it can happen out of nowhere. I try not to think of various spirits at times. Sneezing can be annoying.

There are other results but usually they just are … off. Most the time the only whispers are to relax and enjoy life. Seems i fight that often. I do try to search for that AWE and WONDER but a lot of times i don’t feel it.

Getting what you want often leads to meh. The journey there seems more interesting.

I never know what people want and tbh, I don’t care. I’m selfish not selfless in regards to humans. I care far more for animals and plants and the earth sun and moon. When the world appears more vile and polluted by leaders and greed I just don’t care about the masses. Seems humans are a real issue. Can’t be overly glad to be one but maybe humanity can change…you never know.

@Newbie3, may I ask you which is the book of Damon Brand that you worked with? I checked 72 Angels of magick and couldn’t find that angel you mentioned. TIA.
P.s. Actually, there is one who is called Poiel, not sure if he is the same, just with a slightly different pronunciation. He can help in obtaining any desire, increasing fame and fortune and bringing fame through talent.

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@zzzzzzz Ding, ding, ding. That’s the one. I misspelled his name. Not sure if you read the experience I had but if anyone here doubts what I wrote, I actually have proof. As crazy as that may sound.

Yes, I read about your experience. It cannot be a coincidence. Very interesting. Manifestation of energy.

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@zzzzzzz What’s crazy (and Damon touches on this in his books), angels will come to you where you are—no props needed. And some of the greatest manifestations from angels occur to people who are destitute or, for lack of better terminology, people who are in the gutter. I evoked Poiel in the subway on my way to work and I had the results that I had. Since then, I now have a ritual room, candles, scrying mirror, etc and I have not had the level of results that I had when I evoked Poiel on my way to work. I have had impressive results with an Archangel when I embodied one of the qualities associated with the Archangel I evoked.

Without going on a tangent, I had this project for work that was very, very technical and completely outside my area of expertise. I had to review a mountain of documentation in order to close the gap and learn what I needed to learn to succeed in the project. I followed Damon’s method for evocation of the Archangel and while I did not see or hear the Archangel, I did embody one of the virtues associated with the Archangel. I was able to learn what I needed to learn for the project with ease; not only did I learn the material, at the end of the project, I knew more than those who were considered experts in the beginning of the project. I learned what I learned so well and so fast that people on the project thought that someone from the outside was feeding me information.

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I see your point and I agree, the magick works best when you are busy with something else after it. You were on the subway, did the ritual and moved on to your daily tasks. Your attention was somewhere else already.

I’ll share my experience later.

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Take me for instance - full of shit! I make stuff up as I go a long and I do it because my life is so bankrupt.

Do you reckon you can learn to play piano in a few months?
That said, I read The ABC of Witchcraft one morning plus gave The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage a quick glance through in the afternoon - before coffee - and fuck me if I wasn’t an ‘Ipsissimus’ in no time! But that’s not to suggest that you or anyone else is an intellectually gifted as me. Just because I did it in a day or two doesn’t mean anyone can.



Which Ipsissimus you were?

As an Ipsissimus I notice things that other, lesser people don’t. For example; have you ever noticed that every time there’s a Reichstag election it’s always in Germany? Or the fact that frozen peas are all the same size? Same with frozen corn, yet none dare call it a conspiracy! But until I just spelt it out to you, you had no idea, did you? See what I mean?



You forgot to mention that the plastic tip on the end of a shoelace is called an aglet, and its true purpose is sinister. :shushing_face:

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That’s because shoelace are there to tie you up. lol

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I can’t tell if you’re trolling this thread or, if you have actually have a point of intellectually significance to make. Here, I’m going to assume the latter. The issue with the point you’re trying to make is twofold: timeframe and extrapolation. First, notwithstanding the fact that I initially posed the question, “Is this all real?”; my posts of late have consistently said that despite my experiences on the subject this is real. Second, your point about reading a bunch of witchcraft-related books and the next day expecting to be an expert is a wild extrapolation. I read several materials on evocation and after reading them, guess what? I didn’t consider myself an expert. I only question the success in my practice in demolatry after roughly two years of practice and and no results. So your point is a complete extrapolation not based on the facts.

I cannot tell if you are trying to present yourself as a pseudo-intellectual or you are actually too lazy to explain that extrapolation means a prediction based on prior data or experience?

Either way, this forum contains more “normal” thinkers than intellectuals, so if you wish for the greatest number of people to offer feedback, hold awareness of this.