Is this a trance?

I’m going to describe an experience I commonly have and seem to be becoming more consciously aware of.
Then I would like you to tell me if what I’m describing counts as a trance and if so, then what level of trance.

Okay so please imagine this situation.

You are in bed barely waking up.
Your sense of conscious thought, memory, and awareness are all turned down to the lowest possible setting without being completely off.

The line between dreaming and conscious visualization is extremely blurry so after getting out of this state, you can’t tell if you were really dreaming or just semi-consciously imagining.

Due to having such a low turned down sense of conscious thought, you can’t really do anything Magick because you are not able to really consciously think…
“hey this is a perfect time for visualization practice”.

In fact your sense of conscious thought and awareness is so low that the only thoughts you can or do have are limited to whatever fantasy you are flowing through so you are not thinking of wether you are awake, asleep, dreaming, imagining, or whatever else.

Your barely conscious mind is fully absorbed into the present moment of whatever you are either dreaming or semi-consciously imagining until your brain fully wakes up for the day.

Seems like due to the line between dreaming and semi-consciously imagining being so blurry, mental imagery/barely conscious visualization is much stronger.

If I could just be in a bit more of a consciously aware or controlled version of this, everything I visualize would be much stronger, clearer, more immersive, and so on.

Is this a trance?
If so, then what level of trance?

How can I enter this state of being more consciously and use it for Magick instead of just flowing through a meaningless fantasy?

Yes this is TGS or Theta Gamma State as E.A. calls it. Michal Raduga who teaches tools and techniques to astral travel from this state calls it The Phase.

If you browse through the tutorials we have for astral travel and there’s a lot about trances in there, maybe see if any of those ring a bell. I’m going to go ahead and link Michael Raduga’s youtube vids there as well, I can’t remember where I put them, maybe in my journal :slight_smile: He has a book out as well called The Phase.


Now I know that I naturally go through TGS when slowly waking up every day.

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Now I just need to figure out how to enter TGS by choice without having to wait for it to naturally occur after sleep.

This is NOT the Theta/Gamma Sync. You are describing what is generally called the hypnogogic state. It is a state everyone naturally moves through on the way to and from sleep, when your brainwaves move from waking (Beta) to Alpha (light relaxation) to Theta (deep relaxation) and finally to Delta (sleep).

The Theta/Gamma Sync occurs when you hold the deep Theta state just on the edge of Delta, then causing Gamma waves to spike. This can be accomplished by consciously trying to extend the state as you drift up from sleep or through depth hypnosis techniques.

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Oh then I was probably somewhere between Theta and Delta.

Yes, as you are waking you move from slow Delta brainwaves up through Theta to Alpha and finally to the waking Beta state. Most people generally don’t stay in Theta very long; we tend to move through it quite rapidly. That’s why you have to learn to consciously work on extending the state without dropping into either Delta or rising into Alpha.

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Sounds hard but I can probably do it once I know how.

Practice with intent. When you recognize you’re in the state, just try to stay there as long as you can.

But in that state, I don’t have the level of consciousness or awareness required to recognize it.

Yes, you do. You described it in your opening post so you must have recognized something. It just takes a little bit of practice.

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I might keep trying the progressive relaxation guide in your trance work post.

It’s just hard because I can’t seem to get physically comfortable enough

I recognized it after my brain left it for the everyday beta.

But not during the experience.

The point is that you now have it in your awareness so when you are in it again, you will recognize it.

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Alright. Then I will continue to practice and work with that.

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For the physical relaxation part, try some light stretching first before the progressive relaxation exercise. it can help release the surface tension and help you go deeper.

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Okay I might try that.