Is This A Test?

So I was working on contacting Amon to help reunite my ex and myself, and so far we’ve got a FWB Situation going on, which is about halfway to where I want to be. Cool! Amon worked!

Though during that time I thought a lot about Dantallion and was wondering if I could get any guidance. I’m not sure if this is one of the infamous “tests” of Dantallion’s but I have another person from my past contacting me for a date.


Could be, depend on what you make out of it.
If you want you ex back then this other person should mean nothing for you so blowjob said person of should be no problem.
But as is the case with love spells they may fade as it can be in violance with what the object of the spell want deep inside.
I hope it works out for you thou but be cautious FWB with an ex especially If you recently broke up can work as a safetynet for a person to have something familiar to fall back to while one looks for other options.

It may be a test yes but it may also be a more suitable option for you but in the end you must decide yourself which one to pick.

I appreciate the insight. Thank you!