Is Theta/Gamma sync the same as Theta state?

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Is the Theta state, that this guy refers to, the same as the Theta/Gamma sync?
If so, you guys might (or might not) be interested in The Tibetan Eye Roll, basically you roll your eyes up to induce Theta.

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I don’t think so, personally. The brain goes through different frequency ranges between wakefulness and sleep. The theta state is the meditative state, and the gamma state.

So a theta only state is more like that meditation that’s healing but you’re not in control of the images you get and you may be doing zen or no-mind and not thinking at all.

Theta-gamma is more like lucid dreaming, there’s a mix of states, where you are in theta state but retain conscious awareness and control of the reality accessed in this state, so there will be an overlay of gamma from some parts of the brain as well.

That’s my take on it.

Brainwave states:


That makes sense! I have been way too familiar with the zen thinking you described. That clears up a lot! Thank you a lot!

So which state does our mind have to be in to open sigils and work with magick?
And can we get to that state of mind with sounds?

I can activately switch through the first three ots theta that gets me.

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And opening up the sigil the demon would be present, right?

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Ostensibly, the Theta-gamma state. Search here and in EA’s yt for more info. Or web search Psychic 101 is no longer, but in practice most people just stare unfocused at the sigil until it starts to flash and that seems to put enough energy in to make the connection. I only really get into deep trance for journey work (or astral travel).

No, theta and theta-gamma are not the same.
These are literally describing what wavelengths your brain is producing. In theta-gamma, your brain is producing gamma as well as theta waves.

So, Theta-gamma is a deeper state than Theta alone. The trick is not to fall asleep before you get there.

That’s what summoning is, or evoking as it’s used in these parts. Opening a sigil is more like someone answering a phone call.

I recommend spending some time going through the seminars on EAs channel to get these basics down, it’ll get you the ideas faster than this - maybe start here:
- YouTube