Is there such a thing as "too much energy"?

I don’t really know how else to put it. I started with candle magick days ago, and it’s always the same. I’ve been told you must exhaust your desire…well, good thing I started meditating before I got into magick, so my analytical mind doesn’t get that much in the way. I feel this energy kind of pulsating through my whole body but for some reason it’s more intense around the stomach.

By the way, I can do this at will, but whenever I channel it towards a specific goal it’s even more intense, so intense it’s even unpleasant, it consumes me.

I also noticed it kinda makes me go mad when I’m in ritual, I don’t know if it’s personal and each magician reacts in a different way when focusing their will so much…I noticed I can get weird reactions due to so much energy, and plus that unpleasant feeling in the body…have you ever felt such a thing?

I think so, it’s useful to be able to ground yourself afterwards.

The energy build up and intense feeling in your stomach, is most likely your chakra that’s behind your navel is activating, it could also be your root chakra as sometimes you feel sensations from that one in your belly also. It can feel intense, but that’s a good sign. If you feel a tingling like butterflies, tickling, borderline sexual arousal type feeling, sensations of something lightly stroking your belly, etc. it means your chakras are activated, you can feel this energy anywhere in your body at any given time. Use that energy for spell work or similar purposes! Pull it up out of your abdomen and into your chest, then push it down into your hand and into whatever object you are working with or just simply push it towards a target, goal, etc. Excess energy like that can be very beneficial for magick!