Is there such a thing as autocursing?



We’ve all heard stories of someone being an ass to a seemingly humble man/woman, then it turns out the simple man/woman isn’t humble at all but extremely spiritually powerful and they get their lives turned upside down because of the behavior. And the shit continues to hit the fan until the offender apologizes to the spiritual person and is forgiven.

Is there a ritual for this or is it just the case that the higher you ascend the less time it takes for your thoughts to materialize in the physical?


Some people can really fuck you up quickly, some can just cast you away. I remember poking fun tryna to take a photo of a witch doing meditation (it was going to be a dope photo), he noticed I was going to take a photo and he disabled the camera. Eyes closed too


yeah those are the types of stories I’m talking about. In your case though he noticed what was happening and intentionally disabled your camera. What about situations where malicious actions are just deflected back to the perpetrator automatically without much input from the mage?


I’ve never experienced it. I’ve only seen it in movies. I do not doubt there could be a force that’s instant, as reciting mantras or incantation can resonate an effect in your reality there and then.

People who’ve achieved a high degree of faith (it can be any faith accordingly, even religion), probably have a much thicker coat of defence and deflection put in place as their faith resides with a high degree of spiritual prosperity (strong-willed) that heals and protects them.


True. Devotion can be as powerful as Rebellion. Like all things in life it’s about the amount of work being put into it.


I was walking through the mall and this little fucker tried to vamp me. I felt it before seeing him. Little goth wannbe. I dress like a normie to blend in. He saw me and quickly ran away.


Put a dude in the hospital for this. Just program your aura. Some peoples internal belief system/internal dialogue instigates their aura to attack. These tend to be the people that smile as they shit talk you in thwir humble heads


Well there is such a thing as setting magickal traps. So yes.


Lol Yes! , I know that smirk it’s the smirk of “more to come” or the smirk of the “unseen ambush”, I know the smile. I cracked up.

An ineffable approach… I don’t have vampiric tendrils or use vampiric techniques often at all, only a black mamba that took me a while to conjure properly with my being , it coils around my upper body, shoulders then rests at the top of my head. It comes out when there’s a threat / problem — specifically when I think about the mamba it’d want to strike and it has however I’m not sure how powerful his strikes are, so to speak, the conjuring and function of it only seems to work when my semen is retained. If my sack is empty my mamba Barely takes its form.

Adjacent and contradictory to my spiritual aptitude, I will just punch someone in the face if they piss me off enough. Not that I’m violent, I’m very gentle by nature it’s just my insides are quite touchy and impulsive, very trigger happy my nerves can be. But yes, that smile is one of a kind . The eyes show all


Sounds like kundalini snake to me.




It probably is, but mine was designed, it has gold trim at its head. It’s heavy. the mamba has been around for a while and the conjuring of it to take an actual form to where I feel the energy surge physically took a while maybe 2/3 months.

Maybe in due time I’ll be able to post a full thread tutorial on it as I think people will like an animal totemic/vampiric servitor.

Few years ago, I remember having a shroom trip, under the full moon, then came the kundalini out of nowhere. I was on the floor of a carpark curving and convulsing my spine uncontrollably whilst groaning and growling in relief and awe.

I lost total control of my body, just felt serpentine energy . Serpentine, indeed what a lot of our life or the things in it resembles or is.


I personally believe we are just evolved warm blooded snakes with limbs. I lived as reincarnated ancient reptilian alien Queen for a few years openly so…


In response to the original post.

You can set up defenses and wards to automatically react whenever someone does something against you. It’s actually very easy.


@Aquas_Veritem yay! Can you point me to some resources on how to do that? Thanks


Just look up how to do wards and stuff


I’ve done this before, and it has been very effective for me. No need for a full-on evocation unless you prefer that. Petitioning your favourite entity will work, as long as you’re mindful about the wording and of course, being intentional. I’ve done it in this way, and it worked like a charm. Same method for cancelling it.


What did you petition for? So you just said whoever intends to hurt you just smite them back 7 fold?


You can petition for that if that’s what you want. Your imagination, and how good it feels is key.

I prefer to keep my reasons private, thanks. :slight_smile: