Is there some trick to not passing out while in trance?

Everytime I get into a deep meditative state and start going more trance like I nearly always end up fading completely out of consciousness. Typically it goes in the following stages, I get very hot and start sweating a lot then start feeling vibrations throughout my whole body. At that stage is when I try to reach out and contact a particular spirit, or just work on chakra working etc.

Anyway, as I go deeper and deeper it becomes difficult to focus. There have been several times I think I was making contact and was coming close to receiving a message then I just completely black out. It’s annoying to say the least. So any tips or tricks to reach trance without completely passing out? Or is it just one of those things where it comes with practice? I’m not really new to meditation but I’m relatively new to going into a deeper state of it and pushing those limits.

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It comes with practice, but it sounds to me like you are going too deep, past Theta and into Delta levels.


Did you try to concentrate on the front side of your body? That helps a little to not feel so “lost” or could stop that feeling of passing out.

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That didn’t really cross my mind but now that you mention it it does make sense.

It almost sounds like a state the hits me sometimes in between sleep and trance - kind like a little of both. You might try meditating at different times of the day.

Like I can’t meditate at all right before bed. Early in am is my favorite time to meditate.


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I haven’t but I’ll try that. I tend to feel like I’m falling backwards sometimes so maybe that would help.

I know that (because I also experienced that), this is why I told you that.

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I’ve got young kids so I kind of just have to do stuff when I’m given the chance to but that’s exactly how it feels to me, a state between sleep and consciousness.


With practice, you will find the perfect balance between Theta and Delta. It will just take some fine tuning.


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That’ll do it! The other thing then if you’re behind on sleep is make sure you’re sitting up and not laying down while meditating. Don’t get too comfortable

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Never used kratom but I know of it. My only hesitation about those kinds of things is I kind of have an addictive personality and once I get hooked it’s a living hell to quit. I’ve been there with dissociatives, anabolic steroids and currently trying to kick alcohol. I’ve considered cannabis since it’s legal where I live but I don’t want to become dependent on something in order to ascend. Eventually I think it would become a crutch that would hold me back.

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One thing that might help is, when you get to the edge of passing out, make a gesture and anchor it to the state you’re in. Just say to yourself three times, while making the gesture, that every time you cross your fingers (for example) you will return to this state.

With practice, you will be able to return to the edge without going over just by making your anchor gesture.


Thank you, that’s actually a good idea that I hadn’t even thought of.


I usually just let it happen. I’ve always gotten messages from my dreams most.

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