Is there really black or white magick? Is it all the same?

I have been contemplating from the atheist point of view that if one doesn’t really believe in heaven or hell - I am more a spiritual person - are all spirits just spirits with various attributes like people with various strengths and weaknesses?
Just like people, some have ill intentions towards others while most are trying to help others in some way. Are the classically deemed malevolent spirits deserving of that reputation?


" Are the classically deemed malevolent spirits deserving of that reputation?"

I don’t believe so. Like most dualistic systems, I believe that it fails to capture the truth of reality. Life is messy and trying to fit everything in it into neat categories tend to lead to contradictions or being just straight up wrong.


If you believe so, it is true. I like to say there is magick. The black or white is just description of how you use them. Or shall we say categorize them through language as a way to communicate to others as well as to help you file information. As for different spirits, demons, angels… etc… Sure they may have more skills in harming than healing. IT still comes down to using the right tool for the job. You would use a demon that is skillful in harming at those your want justice/revenge on and you would use healing angels for health. Think of the spirit beings as tools.

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Black/white magic/magician/witch, rhp/lhp are just outdated labels based on moral codes that not everyone follows. I cringe every time I feel the need to use one for lack of a better word. I follow my own moral code and go wherever it leads me. If others don’t like it, it has everything to do with them and not me and not some label that someone thought up.


No such thing and black or white magick, that’s just a RHP/LHP way of labeling things in such a simple minded way. Spirits aren’t actually spirits, they’re living breathing entities, they are only seen as spirits because they cannot manifest here, however, when they are on their etheric plane they are flesh and blood beings with some exceptions of elementals who are embodiments of their element in “flesh” and in blood.

The idea of malevolence and benevolence is just based off some cultures and the experience of one or two men or women that became a social norm. Entities are all grey areas the same as humans, morals and all that messy greys.


totally on the same page with you. I am floating between RHP/LHP points, not sure if that matters to the entities or not. Aside from those I’ve chosen to make pacts with, how much does loyalty to one team vs another matter I wonder.

I have been focusing on working with Mammon and the Archangels of Abundance and those able to help with clair ability development. I am getting ready to get the Lord Uphir procedure offered by Akelta from Satan & Sons.

After much thought and a ton of research I figure I can select what I need and put it together in a logical fashion to help reach my goals. The spirits/entities will tell me when & what does not mix.

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Honestly demons, angels, and Gods are neither left hand or right hand path, they most likely don’t care. LHP and RHP people just like to associate certain beings with certain paths. RHP/LHP are pretty much the same path just a kind of blind faith some of each like to believe they’re different from each other.

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especially when you start looking at all the various books by the well known authors and grimoires and etc. you start to see the correlations between entities - for example, I was looking at a chant for Mammon and noticed Gamaliel in it - meaning that they are connected in some way. I’ve seen many times especially when you look at the Henry Archer book - Magick of Angels and Demons. Then there is Damon Brand who’s books run the entire gamut of pov’s. Then you look at NAP stuff then you get more ideas.
Kinda makes it all confusing but after meditation on the subjects and ideas I’m looking at it things got more clear. I had one spirit tell me to stop doing so much research, especially because I’ve acquired almost every well regarded text digitally, they said start doing instead of reading. I needed that push because I’m a bit of an info junkie, lol

I tend to try and ignore the connections forced, I noticed a lot of LHP people like to try and force connections or try and absorb a being into another being. Such as people who think Loki, Prometheus, Lugh, etc are all masks of Lucifer, or that Thoth is Hermes, or that a lot of demons are just the Gods by another name. I despise blind forced connections.

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I am hoping after the Lord Uphir procedure I will get more clarity - been focusing a lot on developing my abilities during meditation as it seems that had yielded much more insight to where one needs to go. It does feel a little strange to be invoking or evoking assumed opposing entities but until I get word that they don’t like it I’ll keep doing it.

I just want to eliminate the things that don’t lend themselves to reaching my goals and if that means I call on all kinds of spirits so be it. The only issues with that are letting go in between and staying focused on priorities.

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Everything is all the same, black magick is the same as white magick, and any kind of magick’s the same as playing pool, or napping, you’re the same as a cat or a rocking chair, you do or don’t need spells depending on what you feel like, but it makes no difference because doing is exactly the same as not doing, everything is one and all things are exactly alike, anyone who says cheese is not exactly the same as chocolate, or dogshit, or a knuckleduster probably needs to see a doctor.

Luckily, a lamppost is exactly the same as a doctor and pissing against it is exactly the same as a consultation, neither is “better” (though “better” and “worse” are the same thing anyway, there’s no difference between them), so there are no real obstacles to getting help.

I didn’t say this because that’s exactly the same as if I did say it, because there is no difference, anywhere, not in the world, if you decide there isn’t. Which is the same as deciding there is.

Glad I could sort that out for ya. :+1:


Thanks Lady Eva - I am going back into EA’s divination and evocation courses to gain more clarity too especially it’s an established path, albeit his path and mine are different given his current ascent vs I’m just starting.

That said, there are so many entities and ways to work abundance & manifestation rituals depending on who’s pov you take - that’s what has me confused and wondering which methods are the most effective hence my original post on this subject.

Your thoughts?
@DarkestKnight & @fool - I’d love your opinions too

The ones you BELIEVE in with all your heart and soul (serious answer) because they won’t run into values clashes or mental blocks.

This is worth reading, for why believe matters: The Kybalion PDF, archived link (we don’t trade PDFs on here as a general rule but this one is okay, the text is out of copyright and the edition was given for download from the site that created it).


For me, the distinction is very simple, white magick is service to others and black is service to self. The difference is that in white you consider yourself part of the cosmic unity, and in black it’s yourself above others. I’m not saying this is THE definition, but this is the way I see it that makes the most sense to me, considering all analogies and correspondences. It’s something like, the RHP is the outward force and the LHP is the inward force, light/dark, electric/magnetic etc.

I’m primarily a RHPer but do both as I feel like.

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healing yourself is black magick then?

Yes, my focus right now is to improve myself to such a point that I can help others via my experience and wisdom - how that happens is the only thing I care about. I believe it’s very hard to help anyone if you are struggling yourself. Granted most people’s problems are self inflicted so you have to take a long hard look at what you are doing - the end justifies the means in most cases

Nope, it means that when you heal yourself you heal yourself so that you can be better and then continue focusing on service to others, and take care not to do any harm to any other living thing in the process. While in black there’s no limit on vampirizing someone else, and when you’re healed you focus your work on yourself for yourself…

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I don’t agree that the end justifies the means, because the way you do it shapes the future patterns of things you do and is a direct expression of your philosophy.

If you wish to help others for example, then I think harming others on your way to self empowerment is contradictory, and you will be in conflict with yourself. A big part of the RHP the way I understand it is to be in unity with the universe, which means there’s no hatred or desire to harm someone else, because when you see others as being the same as yourself coming from the same source, harming others is like harming yourself. In the LHP however, your goal is to separate from the source, so harming others is not like harming yourself.

But yes, I agree that you need to be empowered yourself first to better help others, just be aware that this exists so you can choose what you wish to be. This is just my view though , and certainly not the only way to look at it.

Not saying I plan or intend to harm others to get what I need. That said, an eye for an eye on those who seek to harm me or the ones I care about.

Yep for sure, I only used that as an example because that is basically the only limitation of the RHP, nothing you do can ever violate the free will of others (to the best of your ability, but nobody is perfect), or else that’s placing yourself above others and it becomes the LHP. That includes revenge, the RHP way is forgiveness and love :wink: I’ve been capable of that in my life even for very vile people, which is why I’m definitely a RHPer. There are no wrong choices however