Is there really any meaning in repeatedly seeing the same numbers (72, 11:11)

OK, so I’ve always thought that ascribing any kind of meaning to repeatedly seeing the same numbers was just something the woo-woo New-Agers went for(you know - along with three fold law and sageing things every 30 seconds) but I have been bombarded with 11:11’s (waking up at exactly that time at the weekend and seeing that time every day or that number of comments on a post online etc etc etc etc) and the number 72 is making me feel stalked by its frequency. This is all since I started working with the Goetia a few weeks ago.

Does anyone here set any store by that stuff or should I write it off as synchronicity and my probable weak, suggestible mind?


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11:11 says pay attention to you thoughts. You can easily manifest them (magick)

72 is a humanitarian number. Do you help or assist others in any way?
I don’t hear or even see that number often.

Both of them are activating numbers to. Spiritual Awaking (Goatia;-))


And it’s synchronization as you say. They talk in many manners objects (feathers, flowers, light bulbs)., numbers, signs, thoughts.


Repetition of numbers is often symbolic of angelic/demonic energies you could be in tune with.
Had a friend get into spirituality, mainly meditation and yoga, ended up seeing 444 everywhere. From what I can recall, 444 is an angelic number mainly relating to trust and synchronicity with your higher self. That kinda thing


444 Many Angels are surrounding you have a strong connection with them. You are encouraged to go ahead. And this way you can achieve your life goals. We support you and help you!


72 three more times is the last hour

Through these numbers the Demons and spirits we work with convey messages.
The numbers we see repeated are unique and personal to us, in other words, there is no set definition representing what they mean, as we all inhabit our own unique reality.

Try this. The next time you see one of these repeating numbers think for a second, “What was I just thinking of before I see 1111 or 72?” with that it will become clear why you are seeing them.



I think the 72 might be linked to me just starting working with the Goetia. I was at a concert last night and as the music made me feel intense emotion I got into a mild trance and offered it to the 72 demons as a gift. Four instances of seeing the number 72 in between end of gig at 9pm and bed at 1am suggests they did.


I think that these synchs mean that your ability to create what you want is increasing, nothing more, nothing less. They don’t come from the outside IMO.

A little story. I was a huge Pittsburgh Steelers fan, and I still keep up with them a little bit. Last year, around the start of football season, I started seeing Steeler license plates everywhere, and I don’t even live close to Pittsburgh. This was right after I became aware of what had happened to me(Kundalini). I thought that seeing these were some sort of sign from my “guides” that they were gonna win it all. I kept on seeing Steeler stuff everywhere and they wound up winning 13 games. I had to make a move, so I made a rather large (for me) futures bet on Pittsburgh to win the SB right before the playoffs started. They were at 6-1 odds to win it all, but I didn’t care. I had “signs”, lol. Right before, during, and after I placed the wager, I kept on seeing the numbers “444” and if you listen to the new age folks, this means that “your guides are with you” or some other bullshit, so I felt pretty comfortable doing this. They lost their first playoff game at home to Jacksonville. I lost the bet, but the lesson is that because I WANTED a reason to make this bet, I created all of those synchs.

So in all actuality they don’t mean shit, they just mean that your ability to create what you want is increasing. That’s the way I see it now, and actually, that’s a pretty big deal. It’s not like I was consciously looking for these “signs”, it’s just that the “want” went into my subconscious and I somehow was in the right place at the right time to be able to see these images. Somehow I made it happen.

Since then I don’t get synchronicity anymore, because I know they are created by me. To me they are useless so therefore there are no more “signs”.

This also has me wondering about seeing and feeling my tutelary female spirit, who I call “Kali”. Is she just a manifestation of my Kundalini? Am I creating her?

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7+2=9 does 9 hold significance to you?

Yes! Fascinating point of view. I need to digest that.

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They were themselves, a sign. Your proof was in themselves. Once you believed you didn’t need them anymore…maybe. apologies if I’ve misunderstood

It’s like if you have strong feelings for someone, things that remind you of them will pop up all of the time if you give them enough importance, especially if you are in the middle of some kind of awakening.

This does not mean that they are thinking about you and waiting for your phone call, it just means that you focus too much on them, so you will notice every little thing out there that reminds you of them.

I’m still trying to figure out how to apply this to create bigger and better things, instead of accidentally creating things that might blow up in my face.

I understand you completely. You have voiced something I’ve been juggling around really beautifully. Thank you

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excuse my newbie ‘eureka’ moment at the possibilities of this, if harnessed

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interesting idea I see the numbers 7 4 and 13 a lot and of course the good old 666

in Asian culture 4 is death and 7 is an occult number we all know about unlucky 13 and 666 number of the beast I see 4 7 and 13 the most