Is there nothing these spirits can’t do?

Hail Belial and king paimon. King paimon got me in at a much better company for my job and got me better pay and I’ll get even more money after my first 90 days.

I asked Belial to help me achieve something not completely legal and it’s already come to pass. It only took a few weeks but would’ve been even sooner if I knew that I needed to send some paperwork in. That part was my fault.

I’m so high on life right now and feel unstoppable. Is there anything not possible with magick ?

We’re all just cavemen, Trying to protect our little patch of land. Well now I’ve got a club, and I’m gonna take what I want and need.


That’s totally awesome! Congrats!

May I ask, how do you evoke them

Hey I’ve been trying to evoke for a while but I can’t seem to hear the entites do you have any tips for this?