Is there ANYTHING in your life that you still fear?

What is your approach and take on REAL FEAR,

the stuff we still associate with/through our samsaric “mundane” self?

How can we experience the Ascendancy of Godhood,
and then later get all turned up in/with some human situation?

Does the Black Magician ever become “fearless” over night?
or forever?

Does he develop a sort of “tolerance” to what scares him?

You talk about always pushing forward in Soul Travel and Ascendancy, but it would seem unnatural to our Physical Ego- to face and pursue the very thing that scares It- ( or could threaten Its continuance).

How have you integrated some of the seemingly incompatible aspects of your physical and NON-HUMAN self?

The one that pays the bills and the one that energetically shapes his world?

[As always, thanks for your openness and integrity]

(Inspired by Julius Evola’s “Intro to Magic”)