Is there anyone in Sweden that would like to get together and practice magick?

Is anyone in Sweden interested in maybe meeting up and practice magick together? I’m thinking evocations, divination or spells.

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I’m from Sweden, too, but I’m not that much into group workings, or doing spells with others. I don’t mind sharing stuff with fellow Swedes, though. :+1:

And, to be honest, talking about black magic and spirits in Swedish is awkward as hell. Even when magic traditions has been around quite long in Scandinavia, the words sounds odd and non-fluent during a conversation in Swedish. :stuck_out_tongue:


Agreed, the conversation always turn akward as soon as anything spiritual is mentioned in any way. Or am I the only one who have noticed this perhaps? ^^
Although it’s more acceptable to practice divination in the form of doing tarot readings and even rune magick (non - sacrificial) because it’s considered cool but the the other stuff well one are considerd a nutcase at best. :wink:

I never thought I’d see the day fellow Swedes on here. ^^

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Maybe it depends on where in Sweden you live.

I live in Kristianstad in Skåne where do you live?

I am a little nervous posting my exact location however I live somewhere in Sömland. It’s too far off, however we can do readings for each other perhaps if you don’t mind?

Hey Rich!
That’s actually something I’m doing right now.
My goal is building a group of people to do magic with. Can I contact you on Facebook?

Ha det bäst! :slight_smile:

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I want to build a group of people meeting up for magic practice. And since you don’t want to meet up with people. Are you interested in talking on Facebook?

Sköt om dig! :slight_smile:

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Yeah sure, here’s a link to my profile you can add me.

Detsamma :slight_smile: