Is there anyone here that can help me make myself known?

I’ve wasted enough time on philosophies. The time to act is now according to my liege King Paimon, but I don’t have enough connections for the movement I’m wanting to start. Assistance is needed. Anything anyone could do to help me get my name out there would be greatly rewarded by my lord Paimonius, naturally. Please contact me if you’re honestly willing to contribute to this path. I wont answer if you’re not serious, and believe me I’ll be alerted as to who’s serious and who’s not by the powers that be. Hail to the king and gods bless.

It’s not smart putting your personal phone number in a post on a public forum. If I were you, I’d delete it and ask to be contacted in PM instead.


Ur probably right about that. But Bael had me put it there so I think I’ll let it sit for now at least. Thank you for the concern though I appreciate it.

Alright, if you say so. Good luck. Just remember, that spirits aren’t always right so be safe.

You start a movement by doing something yourself and people naturally follow, not by sitting on your throne of angelic privilege and expecting people to do stuff and come to YOU.

In fact if what yoiu’re doing is amazing, you won’t even need to recruit. :+1:

Mod hat on, I’ve taken the number off because posting numbers could be used to harass people, and if I allow it once assuming it’s innocent, it would make it harder to stop abuse if someone posts weird crazy shit and then invites calls to a number, sorry.


Three words come to mind. "Lead by example. "

You can’t just barge in, claim divine authority, and expect to gain a flock.


I expect nothing out of anyone. I only want to help the world at large. If you think I’m just here claiming divine authority then you’ve missed my message. I only wanted to find a place to meet like minded people.

And if the second part of what I said is all you saw, then you are not ready to do as you claim.

I’ve been ready. Get off your horse and go with the flow friend.

I started Instagram today to see how many followers I can build. I have 3 followers. We can do this!!! Jump on social media!

@truedogeman :slight_smile:

My post got deleted for some reason I guess I violated some rule on giving out information or something but my goal is to be heard. If you could assist me in getting my name out there in any way (ie have me on your podcast, your channel, maybe even television if you have that ability) your efforts will be appreciated not only by myself but by the kings I associate with. PM me if you’re serious about it I guess.

Youtube and other video sites…
facebook, twitter and other social networks…

Also having something worth listening to is probably a good idea as well. :thinking:


Your post didn’t get deleted, and I’m merging this into it.

@GabeInTheFlesh you’re right here, please keep all this in one place.

Cheers! :+1:

side note: your picture makes me think of the book, the Deplorable Word.

For some reason, I keep chuckling at this.

But the others are right, you need to get off your ass and SHOW the world your ideals. If people are recipient to them, they’ll follow. No “I Want You” posters required.


I’ll give it a read

You’re right I just uploaded my first video on YouTube. You can find it once its finished under ‘I am gabriel’

Cheers my Lady.

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How boring.

Why the fuck should anyone listen to this:



First, what’s stopping anyone from working by themselves with the spirits, instead of getting “rewarded” by them through you? Can’t reward them yourselves? What even is this talk of rewarding?


Then get them and start it. They won’t fall into your lap, nor will the work be done by anyone else other than yourself.


You’re right. I still have a lot to figure out. But I feel like your negativity is pretty misplaced. Get off my ass and let me do my thing instead of being a party pooper because if I succeed in this it’ll be for your own good and the good of all. So be a dick see what it does besides motivate me.