Is there anybody that has been successful to speak with a Demon or only EA?

I have the Universal circle /

I have the Mastering evocation Course /

Teta gamma state done /

Rapture I still don’t get it

No rapture no demon

Mastering soul travel no point to buy it if I can’t prove to my self that this is work

I don’t have space to use incese ecc just circe

I was wondering how many people have spoke with a demon and How can I improve, thanks

If you want to hear spirits, you should simply talk to them on a regular basis.
Ancestors are best to start out with as their power extends far beyond helping you hear spirits.

Dear Euoi how do you get around talking to your ancestors? Ive read here that you have organize some kind of altar to be dedicated to them but apart from that is there a ritual one must follow and how many times a week must this be done?

Koby, have you tried practicing lucid dreaming or using a black mirror? I’ve found those to work well enough, not to mention are pretty useful skills to develop.

The ritual depends on one’s tradition. At the moment, I’m using my necromantic patrons to draw forth ny blood ancestors. But now that my ancestors have come through and gotten me their names, I’m going to give them their own space.

As I said in another thread, that I believe may be helpful here:

[quote=“Illustrious, post:32, topic:4125”]Communication is the point where most new magicians fail. They will have began the ritual, spoken the incantations, and the entity comes forth ready to hear their command. And this is where the entire evocation falls apart!

Being unprepared for the communication itself, either not knowing how the spirit is going to speak to them, or having absolutely no development in their own faculties whatsoever.

You will speak outloud, this gives your commands a much greater substance. The spirit will communicate with you in any fashion that it can in your current level of development.

If you are not yet capable of hearing their words, they will speak primarily through emotions or thoughts.

For instance, if you speak a command, and the spirit accepts, you will feel a very sudden feeling of your desire being “sucked from you” and being given unto the spirit. And will feel a very positive sensation that basically tells you the spirit has accepted.

On the other hand, if you feel incredibly anxious and uncomfortable, this is a sign the evocation is not going as it should. Stop there, dismiss or banish any forces that may have appeared, and perform the evocation again in a few hours or a few days later.

One of the ways I have found that a spirit speaks to me is speaking THROUGH me.

When it comes to that, or telepathy, until you gain some experience in communication in this manner, you’re going to feel incredibly silly and feeling like you’re just talking to yourself in your head, or talking to yourself if you’re speaking outloud as if the spirit is speaking through you. I constantly have trouble with this, I must confess… I always feel silly like I’m talking to myself!

My familiar tells me the only way to develop this faculty is simply to ignore the feeling of being silly and just continue talking to him through this manner![/quote]

Magick is a way of life. If you expect to be able to just come to magick, pick up a circle, start calling upon demons and commanding them just like that, you really aren’t going to have any success.

This requires commitment, dedication, passion.

I must confess, I’m quite surprised you thought all there was to this was buying a circle, listening to instructions, and that’s it.

I will reiterate for emphasis: magick is a way of life, a devotion, a passion. It’s not something you can just pick up and expect to have immediate success with. Many magicians work hard for years before they are capable of summoning spirits to full physical appearance and holding conversations with them.

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I have to say, when E.A. released the Circle of Solomon, I thought it was missing a lot of the traditional stuff on it and I was like wtf this is way missing stuff, whats going on. However, I watched video where he explains the design I have to say, its pretty interesting.

The colors he picks on the six rayed stars, represent the hindu tattvas, the five elements. The 5 elements being unlocked is symbolized by the laymen of solomon over the chest, so each star represents the six rayed star over each element of reality, with the purple being the serpent swalling its tail being in purple also.

A magic circle defines and empowers the magicians aura, and its the energizing of the chakras that have to be opened before the aura is expanded enough to hold power, but the symbols represent and boost the aura also. The hebrew and christian god names E.A. chooses are interesting because Adonai is Lord

The center point reads “master” and the apocalypse mentions the alpha and omega of the greek letters as the beginning and the end. So if you put it all together what it is really saying is “Lord , Master, The Beggining And End”, which satisfy the judeo-christian hermetic symbolism and the magician as god central focus.

Also the center again being purple, and the edge being purple, unite the focus that the energy of the circle that is eternity, is being emitted from the god in the geometrical point within the circle. When you think of E.A’s other teachings, as well as the ascended master teachings, hindu chakras , st germain etc etc, the colors could represent the violet flame of the purple ray, and the white could represents purity or pure white light.

Pretty damn ingenious. E.A. talks about using scrying, and studying yoga, to unlock psychic abilities, especially the 3rd eye. Hinduism talks about "nada
spiritual sound quite a bit. So the divination and meditation methods help the empowered magician to see and hear the spirit when it comes time to evoke. I believe this is why E.A. teaches divination as the first god like power so you can do this your self.

If you look at more traditional methods, including material like that of Poke Runyon (not knocking it by any means) another person is used as the psychic interpreter , in many old books it was a clairvoyant child.

My suggestion is to get the O.A.A material on here if you don’t have a copy (there is a thread on it) and work throw the levels while doing Mastering Divnation. If you look at western magickal order material, scrying , evocation and chakra work are taught last. The hindu system of chakras were known to a lot of western orders, at least since the 1800’s , hard to say if further back, but it was a big secret, not so much anymore, but it is a part of the Hermetic Tradition and E.A’s circle is in line with it.

ps edit: I would also mention that controlling clairvoyant capabilities through yoga is outlined the most scientifically in the Yoga Sutra’s Of Patanjali, which is on the A.A reading list, listing Swami Vivekanda as the choice author, I would agree it is an exceelent commentary, as specific energy points are listed in how they related to psychic abilities and I think E.A was talking about this to someone on face book.

Also what I didn’t write earlier, is that chakras and many elements of hinduism, as well as the solomonic circle and the way it is created lines up with not only the combination of yoga and hermeticism, but some elements of the O.A.A gradework, which I will not go into here.

I don’t have the scratch on hand to buy one at the moment but I think writing all this today sold me for the circle of solomon going on the christmass list

I think comunicating with entities is like a ladder or stairway which you climb while you follow your magical path. In my case i began and still use the pendulum for basic yes and no awnsers to any question or doubt i may have. The good thing about this that its fast and i can ask the demons or djinn when ever i want. Now the more evocations you do the famous voice in your head will appear and lately in my case images have started to appear o what i think will happen in the future. this happens to me when im even not doing a ritual and doing such a mundane thing like going to the supermarket to buy groceries.

while I have a great deal of respect for EA and his work, I do believe that his technique is a little too advanced for the absolute beginner.

  1. you say you can enter and sustain theta. Do that.
  2. take the sigil of the spirit to be called and meditate on it to establish the connection. You will know this is done when you either feel a shift in the room or a shift inside of yourself.
  3. Pose a question to the spirit at this stage. You will get a powerful intuitive response. That is the spirit talking. It will feel like you are talking to yourself at first. Push past that. Ask more questions. do more evocations. your clairaudience will develop in the course of time and practice.
  4. Dismiss and retract.

If problems persist, you can get a reading from someone to troubleshoot, or have someone do an evocation for you to find out the problem from the spirit’s perspective.

My divinitory intuition is telling me that you have an energetic problem. Either your Anja Chakra is insufficiently stimulated, or you are not feeding enough energy into the connection. My advice is to try the channeling technique outlined above, and practice energy work and chakra stimulation.

If problems still persist, I can channel for you. I’ve done it for other people on the forum and they have had improved evocations after. Email me or PM me.

[email protected]

best of luck

My divinitory intuition is telling me that you have an energetic problem. Either your Anja Chakra is insufficiently stimulated, or you are not feeding enough energy into the connection.

This is a simple but great advice!

I had problems to communicate with spirits too, than I understood that I wasn’t focusing at all on the energetic flow of my (subtle) body but only on the sigil/spirit energy. The two currents have to mash. The thougths of the spirit have to be recived as “electromagnetic waves” enetring the third eye, stimulating it and being converted into words.
Just my two cents. I’ve not mastered perfectly the communication yet but I think here’s the key.

I suggest that mentally separating optic nerve input from the seat of consciousness enables the second sight to emerge. TGS, vacancy of mind, call it and do it whichever way works. The rapture, IMO, is the insatiable desire for the emergence of that extra sensory input. Thoughts?

The mind itself is it’s own universe.

Wow it’s been awhile since I’ve done an evocation. You guys are making me want to do it. I have other paths that I’m following but evocation has intigued me ever since I can remember. I never got the universal circle. I just drew a lopsided circle with chalk on the floor. As far as feeling silly because you feel ur talking to yourself. I can identify. But I will say this. Speaking out loud felt like it was too much work. You feel you have such a connection. With the spirit that a telepathic conversation is going on. You’ll know because it’s like you get flooded with information. Like someone is talking a mile a minute. There’s no time to think. Like when your in a conversation. You don’t know what the person your speaking with will say. I’ve been making a connection with my Egun. I can say that they are the flash of a thought that comes out of nowhere. It’s the voice that says that’s not a good idea. But you do it anyway and you kick yourself because the voice wasn’t you it was them and they were right. 9 times out of 10 the voice tells you what you don’t want to hear but it’s usually always right. You have to learn to trust your intuition. That has been a struggle with me for a long time. It makes me feel better to know that even seasoned guys like Euio even struggle with that.

I’m not struggling with spirit communication.

Another thing to mention is that you must be accepting of the entity you are evoking. If there is any part of you that is afraid of seeing/hearing the entity you are calling, it will not manifest to you when you call. Not unless you can turn that fear into excitement and desire. You must call to the entity with desire for its arrival. If you don’t want to see it, even subconsciously, you won’t.