Is there anybody able to help me do a love spell

Hi, I live in a very religious country that makes it difficult for me to find the ingredients for spells and even more difficult for me to perform a spell.

I am asking, is there anybody who is able to help me perform a love spell to reunite my ex and I please? I can’t afford very much at the moment but if there is something I can do in return for the love spell, please let me know?

Thanks for reading🙏🏼

There are many ways to do a love spell that do not require “ingredients.”

Can you get candles? If yes, then do a candle spell.

Can you get paper and pen? Then draw and open the seal of a spirit like Sitri or Saspu or Tul or Dantalion.

We can’t sell services here and most of us are too busy with our own stuff to work for free. However, there is plenty of information on this forum for you to do it yourself.


You honestly have so much magick within yourself that you don’t truly need to buy a bunch of natural herbs or essential oils and crystals or various incense to make a spell. Those are just a bunch of formalities that help people get into zones where they can preform magick at their fullest peak.

Find some alone time, relax into yourself, maybe get one candle in red or pink and do some basic pen and paper sigil work-- it works just as well :sparkles:


Magick os magick, love or money or anything, magick is magick.

That said, you don’t need a lot of ingredients to make a love spell. If you do an evocation with Pomba Gira, you’ll need some offering. But if you do an evocation on Goetia and use Solomon Keys, you’ll do a lot of stuff in order to call a Demon. In the same hand, you can evoke Pomba Gira Maria Padilha and offer ONLY cigarretes as offering and maybe some champagne (not an expensive one, the cheapest you find will make the same effect as all that matter is your intent). And also you can evoke any Goetia Demon without ANY material, just an sigil and concentration (I use especially Gordon Winterfeld book “Demons of Magick” and his methods works fine for me).

So give on some research. Go for the search tool above and give it a chance. Spend some time learning before doing anything and don’t worry, some waiting will do better than doing something really fast without knowing what you’re doing. And when you find your way grab it and go! I’d go with Ars Goetia in some way (but be carreful because you need to research always in order to do any operation) if I was you. But do a research and look for what you think will work better for you.

And good luck.



Obviously not. Standard scam text. I’ve already flagged it


Thought so!

Yeah I’m sure :woman_shrugging: Besides, it’s against the rules to advertise paid services on this forum.

@DarkestKnight @Lady_Eva people promoting other websites which are most likely scams should be removed from this forum. As is its hard to come by legit forums where you get unbiased opinions from fellow peers who are looking for self improvement methods to get ahead in life without getting ripped off.

I honestly love this forum because there is no solicitation of any rituals for hire, and no pressure. People are always willing to help and all the work needs to be done by the individual themselves. Lets help each other out and not get this forum a bad rep.


Ok, two tips here:

First one is when people claim spectacular results about love spells please step back. That’s because of love spells is the trickest ones and the results are VERY variable. I did it twice, in one my ex-girlfriend was VERY obsessed, in a way that makes me panic, on the another, my girlfriend left everything to be with me but felt in HUGE depression that makes things hard to stand for. So, love spells can work, can bring results, but as you’re messing with people’s free will you can expect some unwanted effects…

Second is that mostly no one spell caster will do any service so cheap. Even if the spell uses a little number of materials, a serious spell caster put all their knowledge and a LOT of energy on every work, so they normally don’t work for “nothing”.

Have that in mind, people.


Hey mind telling us what spells you used lol ?


I would love to know more about the spells. I feel like performing them myself but it’s hard because I live with other people and I can’t have an altar that’s visible.

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You dont need a visible altar. Just use a tea candle and put a glass of water next to it.

Hey,I got the idea off of witchtips on ig as I’m in a similar situation. You don’t have to overdo it, the sincerity goes along way, for example I took a fancy wineglass thay is wide enough, filled it with cristal stones associated with your specific spirit. Mix it up with herbs if you like, I placed a candle on top op that (you can carve the sigil on there) and a little extra I placed an amber necklace on the stem of the glass and a gold sun face I got off an old piece of jewellery. Obviously cleanse the energy and I placed it on my dressing table, nobody has asked anything yet and if they do, I’ll say it looks pretty and that’s that. Just an example to show your gratitude and dedication for the spirit who you’re working with

It was a series of spells.

The only tip I can give you here is to plan your spells. Look to what lead your relationship to an end. Look to your relation with the otherperson right now. If you’re not friends anymore, work on it. Work on forgiviness first. Work on every problem, from top priority and let the love/lust spells for the end.

Plan your spells. That is the only thing I can tell.