Is there any wish granter?

Hi guys,
It’s been a month now, that i am invoking lord lucifer and lilith. I have tried so many things. Sometimes i feel some weird vibrations on my body, at night in dark i feel something is there near me. While mediating i feel sadnesses, always end up crying. I have felt some cold breeze on my face and neck. I don’t know may be it’s just normal thing. I am just thinking too much. And trying look for a evidence to believe. But people have seen lucifer and lilith as a dark figure, they are talking and sharing their daily stories with them. As i read so many posts here. But i haven’t felt anything like that. Now i am seriously losing my hope, that maybe things doesn’t exist. I have given my time, blood offering. My fingers are full of cuts and bruises. Tried to respect them with my all heart. But things are not going as i expected. Or may be i have a wish in my heart. That i have been looking for a long time. So they maybe thinking i am a selfish human. But i just wanted to heal my body. If that’s a disrespect to them. Than i should not continue… god has already made things so much terrible in past. But lord satan also making me believe that he might not interested in my prayers. Or may be doesn’t exist for me. I know i may sound frustrated coz i am. :pensive:

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Dude, magick is not like the movies or fantasy novels.

The people on this forum who share their stories of spirits either have natural gifts or have spent months if not years developing them. It doesn’t happen overnight or just because you offer your blood or whatever.

You are expecting too much for someone brand new to magick. Magick is a skill, not a religion, and you need to take the time to build the muscles required in order to communicate.


If you could kindly tell us what you are looking for, then maybe someone experienced could guide you or share there knowledge with you.

It’s just, the post is a bit confusing as we don’t know what you are looking for.

But looking at title you are looking for someone to grant you a wish.

What exactly is your wish?
What do you want?

There are many beings who can actually help you.

I don’t know, may be you are right, i am expecting too much. I should keep calm. Should stop looking for signs, that doesn’t make sense. It just i am meeting some people who are athiest trying to manipulate me. Trying to convince me that there is no god or satan. They want proofs. Tell me have ever experienced something? It’s kinda annoying. Coz i m newbie. It does effecting me. Coz i m living in society where people people in god only. Fear of god.
You r right i must believe in myself and should not ask them to showup . Well i am into magick, i am in, coz of some reasons, emotional or spiritual.

Go through my posts lol if you want to, ive thought i was schizophrenic about 1 month ago and was losing my mind and seriously depressed with constant thoughts of suicide. Things change atleast it did for me. But it all worked out, i felt absolutely nothing at first, it all started with vibration in my body, more specifically, lower abdomen. Now i feel it in my head lol. Ive never been more happy now ;D
I guess my posts are sort of like my development, oh i was a dead ass athiest about 1~2month ago lol. Wrote lilith 4 times, i set off a fire alarm on my 3rd try, didnt think the smoke would reach that far :rofl:


Took me over a year. Just keep at it, without expectations. You will notice little things here and there over time. I had a few times were I was a little desperate and was not getting (and didn’t) from the ones I was praying to, but I did get an offer from another source (did not take him up on the offer -long story for another day.) Someone will probably reach out to you. Could try other ones as well.

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Well, i m too suffering from mental illness, borderline personality disorder and serious image issue , i am a self destructive person, life is a burden for me. I was trying to kill myself from since 14. So i have attempted 20 times but unfortunately failed. I have stop loving myself coz of so many reason. I have been bullied in my childhood so badly, that it still haunts me to the core. That’s why i am looking for a change in myself. I want to look myself into the mirror and feel good. I stay isolated because of it. On every step of my life people made me realise that i am not complete, no matter what i do. No matter how hard i try, it’s like a loop of suffering. Same incident every time, same betrayal, abandoned anxiety, insult , bully, self mutilation… that’s why i am so desperate, coz i am looking for change. A reason to live.


Thanks dear
I have learnt so many things from you…

It sounds to me like you need to work on yourself first! When I first started to work with Lucifer I was in a dark place! He flat out told me to call Michael and learn the lesser banishing ritual! I wasnt doing it daily though just when am down or cant focus! Then I started learning other things and reading lots of books to understand my magick and how to work with it! The most important thing is inner work!
The spirits helped allot but I had to do most of the work and allow changes to happen even when change is unpleasant! Treat yourself with respect and the universe will respect you! And if you’re looking for god just look in the mirror! That’s the only god you need!


That is significant. I think, you are getting the communication you need, in a way that you can receive it, but because it doesn’t match your expectation or what you wanted, you’re ignoring it.

You need to pay attention to everything you feel in meditation, everything is a message unless you know for sure it isn’t.
Interpreting these subtle signs is part of the skill DarkestKnight mentioned you need to work on.

Itchy nose, probably not a message, cold breeze on neck - definitely means something.

Always crying in meditation, definitely a huge red flag that this needs work. Stuck emotions create blocks which hinder development.
Try looking into “shadow work” - that’s all about understanding and working with aspects and emotions within you that you don’t normally want to acknowledge or look at. You need to find the root of this sadness and resolve it.

Buer specialises in mental and emotional healing and I have had good experiences understanding deep issues with this entity.


Self love is very important!!! Screw what other people think!! Change often starts with little things and in baby steps. I started listening to the voices in my head<— sounds crazy right ? I had a ton of problems after deployment and that lead to severe alcoholism, i tried to drink my self to death, went to the doctor and was borderlining liver cirrhosis if i continued to drink. But for some reason all of the sudden i stopped drinking, i focused on me, i cut all the bullshit and stressfull things from my life.
Life is a construct, how you view things can dramatically change your experience. The world may be draped with negativity but it is also extremely beautiful and full of amazing things that we often miss because of the construct that we follow. By construct i mean the way we see the world, influenced by culture and the way we are raised. Have you ever wonder why a childs mind is so pure ? They love and give love, they are often spiritually attuned, IE imaginary friends but are they really imaginary? Or is it just that the adults cannot fathom to understand ? we lose that as we grow up because of the construct that we are raised in. Break that construct and start loving yourself!. Listen Everything will be ok, take a step back in life and breath. Close your eyes and listen.
Pay attention to soft sensations, feather tingles. Try this - close your eyes and place one hand above another, close but not touching. Feel slight warmth right ? Now focus on 1 finger, feels like something is there right ? That is your energy. Spirits feels like that for me, very light in the beginning and barely noticeable. Practice recognizing that feeling.
Then do research on the deity you are trying to contact, feel the pull, who is pulling/calling you?
There was a reason why i wrote letters to Lilith and my interests in Succubus, that was my pull. Its different for everyone.
That weird feeling i get when i go to churchs and cemetery, that light eerie feeling, not fear but sadness and sometimes joy. I never once stop to ask why i feel those things until recently. Doubt was my biggest mental block that i had to overcome. That include doubting my spirits and wether what i was feeling is real or not. Once i accepted it and start to project feelings, i recieved it back. I even start to crack jokes at the light sensations like “hey, i felt that on my hand”. no response at first but overtime i started to get a response back. The human brain is a mysterious beast lol i eventually start to talk with my “inner dialogue” and that led to conversations, can my ladies tell me everything ? Absolutely not, mine does not tell me the things i dont already know but sometimes they do. For this, i do not fully understand because well… im new at all of this lol joined BALG not long ago lol still learning! One more thing, you ever get random shivers ? Like it can be sunny out and all of the sudden cold and you shiver for like a few seconds. That is spirits, passing through you. Yep and now you think back and like holy shiiiiiit ? Lol

My ladies wrote the 2nd half of this with me, starting at the construct part because i know thats definitely not me lol, i dont use the word drape. All the beautifully formed sentences were not mine lol
Notice my writing changes over the course.
Coz i r gRunT :rofl: enjoy life! 1 step at a time, no matter how small.


I see that your in Delhi, India. I don’t recommend it (because of conflict with the beings that you work with. But last resort.), an option could be Lord Chinnimasta (most ferocious deity) and Kali Ma. Quick warning, they are no joke (take my word for it, its absolutely terrifying) and you have to go to a real priest for the Lord Chinnimasta ritual, not by yourself because of consequences if you mess up. There are additional warnings in after life if a female does the rituals. She becomes Dakini in next life or high female being with consequences to males in her life etc etc. Personally I believe she can do anything. Do some research on her. Also see Lord Shiva Vishnu Kateri Bhairava and Narasimha.

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Can you tell me more about this entity?

Sure i will do some research on it… thanks

Buer? So, I rather like his entry in Goetia Pathworking by Corwin Hargrove.

As well as the sigil, there are lines that are poetically evocative (no pun intended) of the feelings and imagery Corwin channeled to be associated with the entity. You keep these in mind as you gaze at the sigil, calling him.

Check this out - it’s beautiful, and more to the point, stirs up an energetic atmosphere ideal for contacting Buer: (If you get your own impressions as he comes through, write them down and use those instead next time you call.

A white goat skull with black horns.
The sound of many hissing snakes.
A smell like wet straw
A white sky becomes grey
as a scarlet sun rises.

– Corwin Hargrove, Goetia Pathworking

The first benefit Corwin describes is *Mental and emotional healing. When you feel you need it, like you’re stressed or upset, Buer brings a “sense of calm certainty”, putting you in a safe place to heal.
Then *Clarify intense desires lets you find out the deeper causes and meanings of a desire, and I think in this case, would be applicable to the sadness you get.

There’s a couple of others but those are the ones I was thinking of.

For example, for all the unrequited lovers out there, he could shed light on why they love, instead of them just accepting it’s something they can’t control. Maybe it’s something they don’t have to bend thier lives around at all.


Hey geet, there seems to be lot of pain behind ur words, I see u r even a lot dedicated towards ur goal, and u r short of desired results ,but start with baby steps first, communicating with spirits is not a easy task at the beggning, (I think u have not yet devloped ur claraudience yet) it may take little more time(probably months or years), try to communicate with them using pendulums or some other divination tools.

Religion is for those who fear from hell, magick is for those who have been in hell, believe me it might take some time u will soon achieve u r desired goal.

They often say “put the right man in the wrong place and see him become a great leader”. Wait for it. I can see the right woman in the wrong circumstances but sooner or later u will rise up again stronger and invincible.

Hey geet, I am also a beginner yet, but I will always be ready to help u just ping me with a pm or reply on this thread/comment, I will try my best to help u out.

And by the way don’t get disheartened , I can feel the pain and i also see that it’s been very very long now, but what doesn’t kill u makes u much stronger, what’s the point of happiness if there’s no pain.

I love people who stand up every time again after they fall, bcz even failure is a proof that u r even trying. So stand up again analyse ur mistakes and start something new or modify ur previous mistakes.

It seems to me (intuituion) there are parasites attached to u, who are triiggering these emotions to a grander scale, manipulating ur mind, u have feed them well enough with ur emotions, try to get it checked from an expert.

Fellow indian

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That’s so kind of you my buddy,
Thank you so much,
how can i banish these parasites?

Thanks dear
I will so research on it, maybe, i will found some way to heal myself emotionally soon.

Hello Geet,

While reading your story I had several flashes regarding you.

I saw you as a writer. So you definitely have a purpose for being here.

Seems like you are experiencing a “Dark Night of the Soul” . I see you using meditation and chanting to protect you and help you get on the right track.
One of the best deities to work with is Lord Ganesh(a). You can also find many videos about the practice on YouTube.
For best results you should complete 108 repetitions for 40 days. Takes about 15 minutes. Good Luck To You!

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Thanks dear :blush: