Is there any way to do it?

Without going into much details …

is there any way of making an unknown person whom you don’t know , but saw once in a public place …contact you somehow …get in touch with you ?


Do they know you or know how to contact you?

If yes, you could simply think about them obsessively until you can feel them aware of you and then send them obsessive thoughts to contact you. Or if you don’t want all that obsession you could just do something like candle magic, thought form, or whatever you prefer, visualising their face and the result you want, release it, and wait in confidence.

Of not, you can do either of the above methods but your goal would be to have your paths cross again since it probably isn’t believable to you that someone who doesn’t know who you are would stumble across your phone number and call you up. As with all magick, you have to be able to believe the outcome is possible for you.


You can do all kinds of magick to move people. Its tracking magick. You would have to think like a Hunter and then use your magick for those purposes. Doing your research and trying to figure out where you would find them in the first place helps, otherwise you are just shooting blind.


I have some idea of finding information of that person . but it would be difficult

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Ok. Well what is the reason you want to find the person? Is it a Man or a Woman? Is it a Love interest? Are you looking for specific types of people? Narrowing it down helps in doing magick.


okay so that’s the story …

I was today at a wedding ceremony . where there was this one girl.

our eyes locked accidentally and we both gazed at each other’s eyes for like 7-8sec before she gave a shy smile and looked away.

after 2 min. later I also noticed her looking at me from different corner of the room.

now I am unable to stop thinking about her …that eye contact was so intense :heart_eyes:


Well what you could do is do a Binding on her to Tie her to you to get her to think about you. Then do a magickal spell to attract her to certain locations. So you are kind of doing 2 bindings. One to attract her to a location, and one to attract her to you. A little knowledge of what she likes or into possibly helps. So you can attract her to a location that most naturally attracts her when you do her binding.


Ah yeah, that binding is a good idea! He could just attract her to a place he frequents, maybe his work or a coffee shop he visits every day at 8am. Feels very compelling and easy to trust the outcome.

This is like reverse stalking lol. I like it.


Keep the persons image very strong in your mind during a meditation. As sharp as possiblr while using a mantra, come to me. Imagine you running into them. Thats the best way, by sending out the vibrations that will draw you to to the same place


just keep an eye in the people that took pictures of the wedding,facebook,etc…
don’t need to thank me lol


I felt that necessity many times… Indeed you may imagine (with magic’s creative imagination) that, as the center of the universe, you’re pulling the girl towards you; or to gaze in her eyes, both for sending “input” to her mind and receiving output (knowing her name or, otherwise, through divination).


thank you guys ! as always ,very helpful :santa: