Is there any way to choose what universe you reincarnate in?

I’ve been seeing a universe in my meditative visions and would like to live there when I die

In my experience, set you energy to be as aligned with that universe as possible, to attract it towards you, make it so that that’s where you belong, and set your knowing that that’s where you will be when you transition, if you are not already.



A lot of reincarnations were by choice a lot weren’t, but this is very similar to what I found out about my reincarnation, being from a different source I chose to reincarnate into this source after observing it for some “time” and when I did my energy aligned with this source. So it’s really just finding and choosing to do it.


Belief plays a big role, if you believe you will end up there - you probably will. So just “know” that you will. The other thing is, I believe we have a choice. Nothing is forced on us. So after this life, just choose to go to said Universe.


just to add real quick, belief plays a big role (as it does in this lifetime) but belief requires action - you actually gotta follow through. Just like magick here!

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