Is there any way to carry out a ritual without using fire?

I plan on do several deity initiations. All that I would like to know is whether fire is necessary. If not how can I do any ritual without using fire? Thanks.

Are you using the fire to burn things, for candles, etc?

Well … kinda. I was wondering if it is necessary to use candles or fire in a ritual. If I don’t use fire or candles will my ritual still be effective? If so how can I do this?

Fire is considered one of the three major gateways to the spiritual world, the other two being water, and blood. However, no, fire is not required in any form whatsoever, if for whatever reason you cannot use it. The only things you absolutely need for ritual are a concentrated mind (trance state) and the ability to feel and manipulate energy.

You can do a full ritual sitting in a dark room, on a park bench, or the bus, and still succeed.


Several deity initiations? are said deities okay with it?


Lol yes! Why would I do so if they weren’t OK with it?

Because based on your previous threads it didn’t seem like you had contact with these deities yet to really know if they were okay with you working with all of them at once, given in most initiations it usually means working with a single entity or group for a bit before moving on to the next.


In my last threads I was asking how to initiate. I never mentioned whether I asked for their permission or not. I of course did ask for their permission but I never told anyone that so i can why you’d think I didn’t. Thanks for the concern though. I appreciate it.

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gnosis? How does one achieve this?

Gnosis means knowledge. There is no “how-to” for it. It is just something that happens during spiritual experiences.

Note: In the Chaos Magick paradigm, they use the word gnosis to refer to an altered state of consciousness, but that is not the actual definition of the word.

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Oh well what do you mean by altered states of consciousness and how can I achieve it?

Altered state of consciousness, also known as trance. It is a prerequisite for magick.


Oh I see! Could you guide me to some blog posts on BALG that are about altered states of consciousness?

Please use the little magnifying glass on the upper right, and type in “trancework.”