Is there any spirit or any magic art that can control an other person Free Will?

control or break the free will so the other person do what I desire like help me to gain financial success.

From my notes…
Mehmi’on -Teaches methods of constraining any entity to do your will
Hah’kla’tor -Knows the secrets of trapping and using the full life force (soul) of another human

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I think many, as you can read even from the list of demons presented in various websites.

It just doesn’t always happen in a blink of an eye, and so simply as you could assume. Experiences may vary, and most probably will vary.

Ofc there is several kind of magic from basic candle spells, to various different arts just like in the movies except different :smiley: go with what feels the most natural or whatever for you.

Ani-cat there gave you a good answer already, and for more specific answers people should probably ask more specific questions - so its up to everyone whether they go find a sigil and summon a demon or a try a spell of different kind. Controlling people is always important so our art that is magic revolves around it quite much in my opinion since the world of people is relying also on the world of other people.

That’s all I can think of.

Well id like to add that you shouldnt just think that mind control is suited to a few particular entities. Where as basically any type of magick you do will cause change in your reality. Say you want wealth, well that entitiy will rearrange things /obstacles around you to increase prosperity. One of those obstacles may be someone holding back from giving you a raise, job promotion, etc. So their mind may be changed in order to manifest the desire you have. Mind control may be with any entity you conjure up. But if you really desire to work with entity that is “known” for their mind controlling abilities, then id suggest one of the entities Euoi said or the Great Archeron. He is known for his manipulation.

Let us know how it goes.


Lucifuge Rogofocale

What is your definition and goal for financial success? Because i see you want to use someone to make you rich.
If you want to be rich, become an enterpreneur and learn a lot and work harder.
Using folks to give you money is bad way to be wealthy.

Its all about manipulation. There is the plain old brutal way - bribery and violence, or the more intelligent subtle and psychological/magical ways.


Open your eyes! There are so many examples all around you of how to do this it’s ridiculous. Business suits restrict your movement by design, they are in essence collars. Yet people still take pride in how expensive their collars are.

Magic art that controls people? It’s called the media. Isis is an egregore, and fighting an egregore with bombs is absolutely retarded.