Is there any proof that a soul/ spirit of a person is completely nonphysical?

In every dictionary that I found spirituality is defined as “not having physical form”

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Well traditionally the body is composed of three levels (for lack of a better term). The physical body, the Spirit, and the Soul (Which the intelligence is part of). Spirit is in between the material and the non-material, being partially both, and is what fused your Soul to your body, and what the Intelligence uses to cause changes in the world.

Is there any proof that the Soul is not material? Much of magick employs your Soul and Spirit, and the Souls and Spirits of other beings. When we perform this magick, there is usually nothing detectable physically that is found, yet we cause changes in the world, which implies that it is not physical. But, Spirit being partially both, allows for material objects to be made manifest.

You’ll find more as you continue dedicated in your practice.


It’s possible to say that everything is either matter or energy (or, also, spirit); same concept from different points of view.
Occultism is somewhat materialistic, for example the part about taking care of one’s soul isn’t based on the premise of soul itself being that immaterial being who has immortality, capable of knowing everything etc.; rather, a certain lifestyle is advised, there is a training…
Things and creatures have their degrees of density; starting from the maximum, there are the 3 usually recognized, then at a certain point astral, etheric, spiritual. In fact, the theory of the three bodies is part of an introduction but the real meaning is that a form of life has a physical side, an astral one, and so on.

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I think that wherever the plane if existence souls manifest is where you’ll find that they are most physical.

But the draw back is that becoming conscious to that reality would make everything in this one more questionable, lucid and less physical.

The real question is why do spirits, souls or energy have effects in this realm such as a presence lowering the temperature to a degree.

If there’s a way to see a living soul inside some one why can we perceive this and what can we tell about a soul based on certain images…

Add: I guess to answer the original question is that there IS evidence but no proof.
But in reality there’s no such thing as PROOF for anything. Theories can never be proven only proven wrong.

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