Is there any nice angel that can help develop clairvoyance instead of sastan?

E.A mentions to use sastan in scrying but I was wondering if there is any angel spirit that can be used?

Paltator, the Angel of Vision, from the same Kingdom as Sastan.



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You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Another is the Archangel Gabriel, who is said to be the Archangel of Vision and Prophecy.


@DarkestKnight beat me to suggesting Gabriel xD

I’ve read on a few sites that Azrael also helps with psychic abilities, but I’ve never tried asking him for help on that.

EDIT: I’ve also read on a few sites that Metatron and Sandalphon are good options as well, but again, never tried.

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King paimon is really nice, very great for new comers in developing abilities. Azazel is very patient too but you might be taken on a wild ride working with him so I’ll say king paimon.

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curious, do we not need to be able to “see” the spirits in order for us to ask for their help? Im still working towards my spiritual sight, meditating and energy work. but if i can also ask for help, will get into that. thanks brother

@Murton No you don’t need to, you can do a petition to them or invocation or even ask them to reveal answers through divination (f.e using a pendulum) , but this question belongs to another thread.

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