Is there Any Muslim in the forum?

Do you think just listening is.enough ?

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Yes, but results come faster when you recite them :slight_smile:

It says black magic :blush:

I practice a bit for a while. I read the Quran and even practiced Ramadan. :thinking: To be honest that was what lead me to the path I’m on now.

What kind of path :blush:

Not sure what to call it now :joy: I’d say Hedge witchcraft to be safe. But with a Eastern feel to it. It involves a lot of nature and things natural.

I am into Angel energies since 2012, and everytime I try to explain myself or help someone they say I am sinning because I should be praying to God and connecting angels is not possible. Etc etc.
So I gave up trying to explain myself to a muslim person which I am also live in a muslim country.

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I use to work closely with angelics. It is possible for us to talk to them. Unfortunately many are stuck with the belief that only the important people like the profit could talk to angels or them coming to him. But in truth we can. If you go and look on the forum you’ll see this. Everyone’s experiences are different how ever and not the same as the angels come to us differently.


Wow it’s very interesting to see another turkish muslim person on this platform! We should talk!

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yes money issues caused by black magic, jinn, evil eye etc. :slight_smile:

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I am so afraid of jinns

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In all honesty (my experiences at least) there is little to fear of them on day to day normal basis. Yes there are the trickster type and even ones that can rain havoc on your life, but for most of them, they just want to be left alone with their own lives. So unless you are extremely unfortunate (or possibly stupid for pissing one off or be tricked by one), I highly doubt you would even have to worry of crossing paths. Yes they exist in our society and around the world (thanks to world trade and people moving or visiting other countries) and you might get a glance at one. But for most part you are more likely to deal with a average ghost or nature spirit of sorts than a Djinn.


what pisses them off ?
I will try to avoid

believing in god is stupid, serve the supreme tigre serve serve it is the god of the turks get help from shaman gods

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Shamanizm is better.

you turk?


@Milliter_Tengri Please make an proper introduction post so we get to know you and keep it in english.

I am not contracting any agreement with a satan here. I only work with energies those not harmful to me or my family therefore no need to worry about it.
We cannot say only islamic rituals are powerful. Magic is real and it has descended by angels .

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