Is there any modern Bellona worship now?

I can’t find much personally. I think all of the Bellonarii were wiped out via Christian conversion. Even I treat Bellona as an Eris variant based on Hesiod’s writing. I don’t know if that is common now or if I am the only one.

Modern Neo Pagans might worship her as well as some wiccans but her actual cult died out long before the roman empire was established back when it was is a republic. Bellona - Goddess of War . Her most famous historical devotee was the dictator Sulla


There is at least one Voodoo priestess who is in a state of possession from her. That was a few years ago that I spoke with them so idk if they are still together.

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They weren’t. By the time polytheism fell out of favor, Christians were still a minority. And even before Christians were a thing, it was still on the decline due to war and political manipulation.

Not every religion ends because of Christians.


Bellona is the roman equivalent of Enyo

I haven’t really done in depth workings with her but she and I did work together.

Can you tell a little bit more about that? What kinds of of things did Bellona have to say through her?

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Unfortunately I cant share much, this was very early into my occult explorations. The things that were talked about were primarily personal, and this was also years ago.

Group working was done last night. I reinforced group protections. Will be doing Mephisto work later today.