Is there any member over here providing service?


I tried to get help from Amon for a reconciliation work, but seems like it’s not working. I guess I am doing it wrong. I understand that the whole invocation method using sigil is easy, but for some reason I am not getting it.

I wanted to know if some member over here are providing service? I am running low on money, so I would like to take help from someone who charges reasonably.

I need to make her come back to me. Love is there from both sides, it’s just that some people are influencing her. We need to remove those people from her life and then get her back to me by a little pushing.

Please reply here or DM me. Or you may tag someone who you think would be good at this. My DM capability is yet to be activated, so I can’t initiate personal messages, but can reply to them.

Please let me know. I don’t know if this is against forum’s rule, if it is please remove the thread and pardon my mistake. Thanks a lot.

I’m sorry, but it is against the rules of this forum for anyone to offer services, whether on the forum proper, or in PM.

There are some members, such as @C.Kendall who do run their own ritual for hire and you can find a link to his site in his profile.

I’m going to comment just because I was curious about some of the things he’s posted about clients recently and was going to check out his site.

I feel stupid but I truly don’t see a link to it anywhere in his profile, unless it’s because I’m in safari, I’m missing where that info lodged itself.