Is there any material in particular that draws/attracts spirits in a general or 'magnetic' sense?

Looking to build a new device and I want to use the optimal material, if such a thing exists, that might innately pull/attract spirits, servitors, etc. for a part of it.

Any thoughts?

My best results have been with emotion. Though depending on what type of spirits you want to attract there are different things that can work. Fae for example like wild areas or a very well loved garden. Especially if you leave sweets or things like little bowls of cream out as offerings.


Agreed, but this is for a physical device. The material in question would be a material component a sigil(s) is engraved or drawn on to, and available in a small size. The charge you mentioned will be a part of it, though.


Have you considered Orgonite?


Although it doesn’t technically qualify as attraction per se, any densely grained wood is able to house spiritual energies well (hazel preferably, maple and oak are also good). So perhaps this would be a good choice for the part of the device that will contain the spirits once they’ve been called.


If you look into some of the older text a few reference metals associated with some spirits. Alternatively you could evoke them and ask what metal,stone or wood aligns with them best to presence their energies in a space on a more conductive level.


I may be stating the obvious, but have you considered a literal magnet?



The thought crossed my mind, but I honestly do not have any experience with it. If you could expound: 1. It needs to attract or draw, but not house a being. Is it good for that, IYO? 2. I will not be actively participating in the operation of the item. It is a ‘set it and forget it’ device. So, does the orgonite require active use or can it work passively?


Absolutely. The sealing end will be wood corked with a bit of raw, charged up snowflake obsidian attached.

It needs to be of a general nature, unfortunately, and it is not intended for friendlies. I am basically trying to make a kind of banishing ‘land mine’.


Actually I did, and I decided to use it for the mate of this item. One mine for personal energies, one for spirits/servitors. I know lodestone works personal spiritual energy, so I am putting that one in the other bottle. I think it will compliment it nicely. It is a minor variant of a witch or spell bottle, but it will have a solid amount of various iron bits. The lodestone should get that iron humming nicely.


You want lead for metal as it has connection to saturn which has elements connected banishing and binding. That or Obsidian may work. That or a solar metal or stone to harness its elements aligned with excorsim.

Next time start with the goal if ya can :stuck_out_tongue: precise questions lead to precise answers.


No, I want a material to draw the being; I have something else for the actual banishing.

Sounds like your tryin to make a spirtual fishing lure. :thinking:


Discarded hair is great for Ahrimanic entities, they seem to like that.

Quartz crystal is a good basic because of the structure:


Partially. It’s a defensive item. In a normal spell bottle you would put iron, mirrors, etc, then fill with pee or blood or some bit of yourself to act as a decoy for the energy directed at you. The only problem is that a spirit may not be so easily fooled.

So the idea I am having is to make a second spell bottle to draw an entity into it’s mass and either dispel/banish it, or at least disempower it somewhat so the other defenses can mop up. It would be for ‘zone defense’.

I have taken a recent interest upping my defensive game, lol.


Man such a question!^^
it really depends, like said before, in what kind of entity you wants to attracts,
Often, coper, silver, gold or wood works pretty well, but entities and demons can really take in a liking on absolutely anything ,
A personal divination would be better to discover what the ones you are looking to attracts would appreciate the most!


Also I’d like to add…

Painting wooden seals and sigils with black then use 24 carrot gold leaf paint.
I’ve used this technique which Kurtis Joseph talks off.


You just use a simple wood burning engraving tool, they quite cheap online.
Get your wooden circle, add a stencil of the sigil on the wood engrave over the lines.

Paint it two coats black then wait and let it dry and use a thinner brush with gold leaf paint and paint the lines of the sigil.

It works extremely well.


Get some menstrual blood.

While bodily fluids do have a magnetic effect, it all depends the way you actually apply it, like placing it out in the temple with intention isn’t real enough