Is there any justice out there?

Weekend, new thread- food for thought and share our opinions :smile:
So let’s say, someone is killing someone else just because he didn’t like his hair , for example.
After he steals someone’s gold watch because he liked it.
In the meantime he treats his parents really bad just because they don’t feed him anymore and he doesn’t want to work…
He Is also using magick to curse someone else just because he was jealous of his beauty
later on, he has very bad nightmares and feels kind of guilty buthe doesn’t really regret for his actions.
So he decides to call an entity to heal himself from the anxiety and the heavy mood he has, either archangel Raphael, or Marbas, Buer Or Halphas etc…
Would those entities accept his request to help him when he will evoke them?
And if not, which are the criteria for a spirit to decide if someone deserves healing or not…?

Yes they will help if his magic is good enough to ask for it. They don’t usually offer an opinion on random life choices unless it’s asked for or the mage has an established relationship that involves that level of communication.


Yes bcse spirts dnt judge humans.

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It is an individual decision. Nobody here can give a generalized answer about if spirits help a person or not. And it’s true that spirits don’t necessarily judge people based on earthly morals.

However, in my experience they usually don’t throw healing sparks at people for nothing. So my question is what’s their gain if a person just uses them like others use Ibuprofen?

I could imagine Raphael helping that person, but trying to get him to realize what is causing his guilt and anxiety, because in my experience he seeks to eradicate the root, rather than treating a symptom that will flare up again and again.

As for justice, the saying “for whatever seed a man puts in, that will he get back as grain” is not completely incorrect. Because if you go around hurting people, you will most probably sooner or later get to someone that will try to shoot back.


But this is what we say Karma right? Whatever you do it will come back to you with one or the other way… i know the lhp practicioneers here don’t believe in the actual meaning of Karma, but we also say in my country a similar phrase with yours: “with the way you will make your bed , with this way you will sleep in the night”

So it’s all about luck…? There is nothing and noone up there watching at your actions and give you the lessons you need, if you cause unfairness, spread the misery and causing the imbalance of the Harmony around you? :thinking:
I mean im not talking about morals here and ethics, but if you create negative waves of energy in the universe, causing anger, sadness, unfairness there is nothing to stop you doing that?
Edit: this questions are not specifically for you but to everyone who wants to participate in the discussion :blush:

There’s a bit in one of the Dune novels along the lines of, “One of the things you learn from having access to the memories of millions of lives is that we all take our turns being the hero and the villain many times over.”

Maybe justice is just learning our lessons well.


@Eddie_Romanov In your opinion, who or what difines those lessons? Which powers/ mind decides how we behave in each life, so we will get our lessons and potentials in the next?

I don’t know why but i find it unlikely to be such an insolent/ bold(?) Freedom to the humans to do whatever they want and after ask for healing so they can cause more problems out there you know…
They say universe is the absolut balance, so if someone is causing the imbalance by doing something against the nature, the calmness and the peace , what is this which is stopping him…

No, not like this. It will not necessarily come back, but the chances get higher.
If you help people and are nice to them, some might return the favour. If you harm people, some might want to hurt you too. Of course good people are not safe from being hurt, and bad people will not necessarily be brought to justice.

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I think we do. Each of us. I think the whole point of existence is for us to learn and to play and to grow.

And, at the end of everything, the only thing that will remain is ourselves and what we bring with us.

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I agree with that, we all have seen tones of such examples. But what you describe, is all about the human void/ area and maybe its about luck but sometimes not right…
How many times we have said ooh look what the universe did , if you see a person you know in the other side of the world, or if you meet someone in a specific place and time that will cause something to you, either bad or good.
Who or what is creating those sychronicities which we call lessons/ blessings/ curses tp us?
Surely its not everything lying on the hands of luck right…
What is above all the spirits and God s up there… Oufff I wish i wouldn’t like to think so much :joy:
Also @Eddie_Romanov :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m part of those people who believe in karma, or at least in the “if you do something wrong, it will come back to you eventually”.
And I was actually talking with my mom about that today, she was telling me a story of when she was younger, of how 2 guys she knew did bad and nasty things to her (not going into all the details)… Well, they both died 20 years later, almost at the same time. Could be unlucky, but seems funny to me :woman_shrugging:


It is not a single entity doing that stuff. And it is not the universe. It can be you, it can be a spirit, a god, someone else, someone else’s magick, there are endless possibilities. It is basically chaotic.
Look, if someone kills my best friend and I put a death curse on him, and he will be killed, that person did “get what they deserve”, right? But that person’s mother will be in despair and think “What have I done to deserve this misery?” And you will be the bad guy for her. The mother maybe never did anything to deserve seeing her son develop into a killer and then being killed.

It’s far more complicated than just one entity punishing and rewarding people.


True self-knowledge reveals that, regardless of our acceptance of it, justice is in every moment, even those we abhor.

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Exactly… And this is why i believe it can’t be only us in here and everything depends on random luck…
Its not possible imo that only ourselves are causing the laws and the energies of the universe, it’s action- reaction right?
But what is behind the reaction each time…
its a chaotic reality of possibilities and facts which are hitting us with a perfectionism!!
Its unbelievably questionable

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If the magician does not have any emotions that bring forth her/his own undoing (guilt/shame/regret) - then there will be absolutely nothing stopping him from executing his deeds.

Divine retribution was possible in the earlier ages (in the Satya/Dvapara/Treta yugas - as written in Sanskrit by the Hindu/Vedantic current) - but this age? Is the Kali Yuga.

And the only thing that matters is personal capability - and strength.

Magick is an execution of Will.
If your Will is weaker than the Will of your attacker - you will be subdued.
And subjugation usually means death for the victim. This death may be physical, psychological (and not in a good “Enlightening Ego Death” kind of way) - or metaphysical.

If you do not want to be subjugated, get stronger. Crystallise your Will. Perfect your techniques.

For Winter is Coming.

Winter is always coming.

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Οh Goshh… Yea there are some facts when you say, who is watching us up there :flushed:


Following Albert Camus’ absurdist philosophy… no. The universe is indifferent to everything. And life (or existence) has no meaning at all. But meaning can be constructed by our actions.

So, yes, to get things done, do something.

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Sorry about your topic going off the rails for a bit there @Greecya, all cleaned up now though, and the miscreant received some forum justice, in the form of a ban for threatening speech. :sunny:


Right and wrong are only perspective. Spirits know this better than us silly humans. They help those who ask and are willing to put in effort into doing what was asked for.

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