Is there any entity which can help increase one's network

You know having a good wide network is Paramount in determining one’s success in life . If the entity is angelic, its even better.


Hello guys. Is anybody out there :confused:

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I wish I could help, I’m in similar straits. People only like me when I’m paying or giving them something.


Sad. Let me go through the angelic list/dictionary. May be I will get something there. :confused:

Thanks for taking out time and replying anyway.

Sad, but true…

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I just looked - do you have Damon brand words of power? If someone has it and can do a screen shot of the make a project go viral I think that could be applied to this as well as the make people warm to you.

There’s also an activation ritual - actually just get the kindle version, it’s relatively cheap.

Hope this helps. See here I go giving stuff away again. Don’t worry about liking me.

Networking meaning friendships? Entities associated with Love would be good for drawing in positive companions.

Networking for other purposes:

Bune could be of use since she opens doorways for success.

Belial is all about excelling in the world and could help here I would think

And from what I’ve gathered King Paimon is good for learning charm and ettiquette so perhaps asking him to help you increase these characteristics in yourself would be useful for you to attract and maintain a network of people.

Hope this helps.