Is there any demon/angel who can help me improve my drawing skills?

graphic design/animation major here.
Is there any spirit who can help me improve at it?


From 72 angels of magick by Damon brand.


I read that Jophiel can help too, is it true?

King Paimon is also a patron of the arts, so calling on him would be helpful.


Idk who that is, they’re not in this book.

You can find a way to work with them in the book ‘Archangels of Magick’ by Damon Brand.
Yes, they should be able to help you.

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you called? i do the artz since 2013–

fairly sure there’s plenty entities and gods who are patrons to artists, though; common nature spirits such as muses and nymphs can also be of help.

If you just wanna find shortcuts or alternatives with your style tho, I’ll suggest doing things differently. Flip your canvas. Skip the sketch. Hold your pen differently. Rush it. Detail it. Fuck around and find what works best, that’s what helped me refine my artwork, honestly.

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Welcome to BALG btw!

I’m wondering the same thing.

What’s your source?

There’s plenty of spirits. So really depending on what your willing to work with. There is angels, deamons, Djinn, nature spirits, gods ect. You can also ask for a assistant or familiar to aid you.

I actually personally work with spirits and gods for my own art but there here is a few;

Apollo: Greek God of medicine, sun, and well to me art because he covers a good amount. Plus the Greek god of oracles. Top it off I had worked with him personally and he does do a really good job.
Cybele: From reading about her and what her cults did.
Nymphs: Nature spirit of water (different types btw some more welcoming then others)
Fairies: (talking about the actual race and not the umbrella term. Again some more welcoming then others. Just be carful.)
Aphrodite: Yes her because she is all about beauty. So if you want to creat something beautiful go to her.
Athena: The Goddess of wisdom but also has a hand for crafts. Depending on the type of art your going for.
Pan: The Greek god of the wilds. But there’s something in me that says he might be able to help.

King Paimon: A king and member of the Goetia. He basically is the “triumph” card of the kings. He is known for his knowledge and able to point others to where they can go if need further assistance. He is also known for the arts and looked on as a patron of musicians and artists alike.
Satan: Why him. Well personally as a person that works with him I found inspiration from him and guidance when I’m doing my art. Just because he’s Satan doesn’t mean he doesn’t have his creative side.
Lucifer: I feel that he would also be able to assist.
Azazal: He has helped me with my art in the past.

There is other Goetia spirits and kings that can help with art. A good amount are of languages and scientists.

Others are

Hephaestus- Greek

So I hope this helps some

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