Is there an opposite of a curse?

I have an idea: take everything that a curse is, and reverse it: instead of trying to ruin someone’s life and/or kill them, is there something magickal that is the reverse of that where you give happiness, an improved life with a lot of good things happening to them, and good or even improving health?

I know I ask about curses a lot, but there are also a lot of people I love and I wish the opposite of curses on them and truly wish good on them. Also, just like how their are spirits who would help me out on taking down enemies, are there spirits that I can request to bring good fortune to those I love?

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Black Magick and White Magick go hand in hand. Out of Destruction comes Creation (Blessings). I believe this is a common rule in Satanic magick based on whatever I’ve read from in the past as I’m not what you’d call exclusively a Satanist. I think it really depends on how you identify as there are different types.


There are lots of spirits who can help you with blessing your loved ones. :slight_smile:

Their are no absolute rules or standards. You decide your own rules. You have the power to cast a blessing with a spirit you are affiliated with as opposed to a hex. If you wish to bestow a gift, good luck, riches or beyond.


Totally. It’s called a blessing but that’s just a general term. Healing, prosperity or love work, etc. all the same just done in another person’s behalf.

Thank you for the responses. Does anyone know any good blessing spells or rituals?

Would you happen to know any examples spirits who could help me with this?

Any of the Archangels. Or some of the Shem angels. Some are known for being gift-givers. Some of the Goetic spirits.

Go to Amazon, look up Damon Brand, get the angelic magick books, and Gordon Winterfield’s Demons of Magick book, and look up Ben Woodcroft if you haven’t already. You need to decide for yourself which spirit to approach based on what you know, and what you intuit about their powers listed.

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