Is there an obsession spell that is super powerful and dangerous?

In the sense that its so strong it turns someone into a psycho. Im just curious if there is magic so strong involving influencing emotion that people are scared to touch it.

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I would love to know this too. I saw EA say something about doing that to his ex but I can’t really remember. I also know a few demons in the goetia and ladilok can manipulate women.

Any spell can turn someone into a “psycho” if the target is mentally unstable enough and susceptible to being pushed over the edge.

In my opinion, though, there is no such thing as a spell that is “super powerful and dangerous,” because all magick that seeks to manipulate can be resisted. Whether that resistance is successful or not, completely depends on the target’s strength of will.

After all, the power never rests in the spell, but in the sorcerer who wields it.


Even if a demon is involved?

Yes. A demon can only do so much if not backed by the sorcerer. If you don’t have the necessary power, asking for an impossible adjustment of circumstance will fail.

I actually discussed this very thing with someone in PM recently. They were actually told by a demon that they were not powerful enough for what they were asking for.

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Yes even if a demon is involved. Angels, demons, spirits, and the like don’t have to help if they choose not to. A spirit can hold favor with an individual and vice versa, example would be if somebody was really tight with Archangel Michael, like devoute prayer, then trying to manipulate or harm them may not work. Theres also lust for results that may hinder your work, that said who is really obsessed with who? why do you want to turn the said person into a “psycho” with obsession? If they turned would you be able to handle that? If they were with you at all times, harassing, keeping you from ritual? Just some food for thought.

Honestly, I’m not sure. All I know was the task was to overcome some very heavy mistakes that were made, and the demon point blankly said he couldn’t do it because the magician wasn’t capable at the present time so I think it was development related because the demon said he could accomplish it with a “master of the art.” Perhaps the magician’s will wasn’t sufficiently strong enough to drive the operation, I don’t know.

It does pose an interesting conundrum though: When working with spirits, how much of the end result depends on the magician themselves? We all like to think that we only have to summon the demon and send it off to reap the benefits, but maybe we are actually more involved than we realise.


He’s referring to what king Paimon told me. This is the part he’s referring too "Even so, with where you are at this moment it is
beyond my power to move you to this place. Your actions leave memory and
as much as I can change what is, you lack the power to direct this.
Aiding a master of the arts, who dedicated vast time to this I could.
Gain mastery then, and work with me more than a pact, and in time this
can be yours. "


I thought so. Wow, that’s very interesting. It is strange, though, that despite a lack of development, you can still make changes that would require mastery to correct; even with the help of spirits. No one mentions this enough.

Everybody’s advice (nobody here–thank god) would usually be something along the lines of, “Just do the opposite of what you did.”

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Yeah but i broke a pact with Barbatos so he sees me as untrustworthy and i would have to clear my name if i want to work with him.

My goal might be to clear my name there and get my job back again. But I’ll have to run it by him or others to see what they say. I’ll also have to ask if I could pay someone who is a master of the arts to do the work for me.

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Yeah that’s true.

As many have said, it depends on the defenses of the person you are targeting and many other factors.

I have though, heard from a love spell that is more of a curse than a love spell that makes your target go crazy.

This curse is covered in “The spider and the green butterfly” by E.A Koetting.

I have not delved into Voodoo yet so I cannot give you my experience, but you should look into it if you are seriously interested