Is there an angel that can help me learn cosmetology?

So I might get into cosmetology as a career. Is there an angel of some sort that can help me learn this? Any suggestions or advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you

The goddess Hathor, in her earliest manifestations, predates all of the names of angels and demons in the grimoires and has a history of association with sexual attraction, femininity, beautification, health, and joy, and while I’m not aware of any ancient texts linking her to makeup, she would be the first being I’d call on for help if I was looking for advice on a natural product to use or a herbal remedy or something.

Her Wikipedia page is a great start to learning more about her, and finding things to research further online.

The god Bes was also associated with cosmetics, though I’ve had less experience with him:, and Thoth/Dhjuty is associated with fragrances.

Azazel is associated with cosmetics, but it seems only for women, which makes me think (since he’s often considered demonic rather than godlike) that this may come from the later Xian era when makeup was considered to be only for women, and rather deceptive or even whorish.


You can look to angels/intelligences associated with Venus or to saints such as Mary Magdalene who are associated with makeup/hairdressing. I think St Mary Magdalene came to be associated with such things due to being conflated with a sex worker who washed Jesus’ feet with her hair and perfumes, but in my experience she still is happy to work for people who use sex/beauty as a means of survival.