Is there an actual power to prayer?

Mad tyrant ?

Yes, is easy enough to see when you observe the long term effects and actions the various monotheistic cults have taken throughout history.

Who do you refer to when saying that

I believe i already answered that in the above.
The number of monotheistic cults are few in number.

For some reason, I have a hard time getting him to answer prayer. Any suggestions why that might be?

Simply put the ability of the person to affect reality. One way to think of it is the more energy you can push around and effect = more power, but skill comes into play as well.

All of those things (except maybe persistence) can be helpful, but they’re more like skills that let you use your natural power. Willpower can be helpful but it’s different from “Will”. “Will” is power while willpower is more like a trained condition.

Most energetic body exercises I’ve seen are more like maintenance than strengthening, but they can help you get a better grasp on what you can do so technically yes.

Belief is a necessity in magic in general, the lack of it will prevent you from doing anything but having it doesn’t necessarily make you stronger. There are tons of fanatics who can’t do shit.

Persistence is just a personality thing more than anything.

The only real way to measure power is to see what they can do with pure “will”, other than that it’s pretty much pointless. But one thing I’ve noticed is that the strongest ones usually have a very high quality of focus.

Sure the consciousness themselves know the best way to pilot it, but IME it’s not necessary to have a relationship with them to properly use the things behind them if that makes sense.

The consciousness(es) of whatever entity may have been the one to shape and cast but you should probably take at least a little credit for being able to release enough to let their magic take place. Both are important parts of the equation.

Yeah a properly established relationship with an entity is the easiest way to commune with it, but NOT having a relationship with something makes it much easier to get to the more “obscure” parts of the entity that tends to get drowned out by the more familiar parts of it.

Going in blind can lead to seeing some fun pieces.

Regardless, even if you’re completely unfamiliar with an entity, it’s still possible to use it in prayer without it’s consciousness if you can connect with the parts behind it well enough.

Just tends to take more experimentation to get it to work.

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Ah I see what you’re talking about now. You’re going deeper than prayer and trying to get to the essence of the being and control the power/office behind it. That’s much more advanced than simple prayer and does certainly require skill, focus, and power. I wouldn’t recommend such a practice or path to people unless they are advanced practitioners. Not to mention, it might be taken as a bit rude for a novice to go dipping into the current guarded by the god they are trying to circumvent. A bit of rapport and respect goes a long way in the spiritual world.

For most mere mortals, prayer and an established relationship is the best start. Especially with gods like Yahweh. It allows you to get past other’s beliefs and get to know them as they present themselves to you. Which may be different from what others might believe. That’s simply because you are getting at the god behind the religion.

I see mention of religions as if they define the deities. They don’t. They are human attempts at understanding a deity. Sometimes, as with Judaism and Christianity, that can come with an agenda to alter and obfuscate things. Having a personal relationship with Yahweh, Satan, etc, cuts through all of that. You get to the source. Not as deep as @thatrandomguy, but deep enough for some real work and progress until you can become advanced enough to work that way. Personally, I’d prefer working with the beings rather than the energy/office they control. But that may change over time.

Still, a very nice reminder that even with something as innocuous as prayer, there are levels to such work that can move beyond what you think. There are few limits in practice, but many in theories and the wisdom of man.

Whenever I pray, I do it with the intent of invoking the qualities of the Gods. Many times the Gods have told me to stop praying and just talk to them. If I want something, I’ll ask through a petition spell.

Also sometimes when you pray and get nothing, it could be that those deities either don’t want to work with you or what you’re asking for is not beneficial to you. I remember begging Shiva and Parvati to let me have this girl but looking back on it, it was my ego asking.

Prayer is a way of forming a bond.


Nicely put Twilight. I agree. Long ago I use to pray (to Jehovah God specifically) out of desperation or egotistical wants. Now I make a clear petition and summon the EXACT “spirit” that I am asking for assistance from.

And yes now when I pray it is like bond forming. Not so much asking for stuffs.


That’s a better option tbh. Sometimes Spirits do recommend me to others after the petition. I dont mind as it is beneficial.


Prayer to Yahweh can be powerful. I had success but lost the benefits soon after, by myself of ignorance and he took away or what I’m not sure. Praying to saints or Jesus didn’t work.for me. I prayed directly to Yahweh. My own words and the prayers of the Lord’s prayer and Jabez.

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Prayer is Baby’s First form of invocation.

I believe there is - prayer is intent right? A petition or command for an intention

I believe in the power of the mind (belief) and feel that pretty much all scripture in multiple faiths support that - from Christianity for example

“When you pray, believe that you have received”

Aka ‘the law of attraction’

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Cant get Lucifer to talk me either sir. At least Jesus/God silence is expected.

I spent a lot of time praying to the Christian god. :thinking: but I never called him YVHY. Not a normal thing to do. Christians pray to their god as if he doesn’t have a name… don’t know how much that affects results.

Scientists say there is no proof that prayer works. They use statistics to say that there is no distinction between people that pray and people that don’t. ( They usually mean the Christian god)

You can add on that people be prayin for 20-30 years and when something finally happens they say it is because of prayer.

I think I wasted enough time on this god. There are a whole lot of others that I don’t know anything about. Hopefully I can find one that is not so much into the grovelling :cowboy_hat_face:. Maybe that won’t take long. Just from what’s on the forum I’ve already been exposed to at least 100 gods that I never heard of before

@Excalibur I believe that it can be a mixture of both ( sometimes God, sometimes another spirit, perhaps one tasked by God to bring the desired results ( answering your prayers ). I personally believe that God does answer prayers sometimes ( who can figure out such a being to know the when and why? ). I personally have prayed to God for things like getting a court trial ( where I was the defendant, sometimes the incarcerated defendant ) where they had me pretty much dead to rights and I was looking at some real time. I prayed to God diligently in my mind and, to my ( and even sometimes my Attorney’s ) dismay, I got off with a slap on the wrist, a fine, time served, Nolle Pross, case was thrown out of court because the Commonwealth’s Attorney that would be prosecuting me and/or my probation officer didn’t make it to court both times ( since the defense and prosecution are each allowed 2 continuances, at least in my home state of Virginia. Once, on the second continuance, the Commonwealth wasn’t ready because my probation officer had to go to some kind of training and the Judge said " I’m not going to keep dragging Mr my last name into court because the Commonwealth can’t get it’s act together. Mr my last name, you are free to go". This has happened so many times ( even got my gun rights back since I have no violent crimes and gun-related crimes on my record, I had gone thru the 5 years of not getting in trouble and successfully completed my probation [that’s the law in Virginia] ). It’s basically a bad check and a possession of Methadone charge, along with 8 pages of Nolle Pross, case thrown out of court, not guilty verdicts, evidence disappeared, the small amount of heroin was consumed in the test to determine what it was so there was no evidence against me, the arresting officer would be unable to attend court for some reason, and so on ) that I cannot deny that God did, in fact, answer my prayers. There are so many instances of this which all have the common thread of me praying to God as the only similarities ( that wasn’t the only commonality in all cases, but in enough to make me a believer in the power of prayer for certain things ) that I am unable to explain it any other way. God is real ( yes, many gods are real, but I was praying to God/YHWH, which is what it seems you are inquiring about ). I’m not sure about the whole Jesus thing, but God is definitely real. I also use names of God in my demonic evocations ( GoM/DoM system is what I mostly use since DoM was published. It works for me way better than any of the older, more archaic, more elaborate and theatrical systems like Thelema. YMMV, but it works really well for me and, just as I get results with demonic magick, I have also gotten really great results praying ( a form of magick IMO ). I see no conflict with God, angels, and demons. In fact, I think they all work together very well

Prayers have power as much as any other methods, still it needs to be done “correctly”
By correctly, i am refering to will, intention, emotions. How these are used and directed

While i was Christian Orthodox, i was learnt to pray with a low energy ( sinner, begging, not worthy) at least, these was how it worked, and still works in my country.
Christians lack emotional education, and this is not YHWH fault, just people got it entirely wrong and unfortunately it’s a religion used for political manipulation.
I will take for example my grandparents : Everytime they had a negative tought, they will reprime it and just blame it to devil, or unhappiness was not a coincidence, it was inevitability by the sins of Adam and Eve and they worth to suffer etc etc
The lack of emotional education brings you in a low and negativ energy, probably full of parasites from where not even YHWH can’t get you out :slight_smile: Been there !
We humans, we dedice, the saving STARTS firstly from within not even from the most powerful Archangel
They can help, guide but still is You
So that is why, at least for myself, my prayers didn’t work when i was Cristhian

Think of ritual. You do a ritual full of negativity, resentiments, begging X deity to help, and then do NOTHING besides just wait in front of your TV:) will it work ?


:100: in the bible it states how to pray! It’s ignored by multitudes and instead they get unanswered prayers and confused why they aren’t provided for

It’s so simple - Believe you HAVE received!

It’s law of attraction 101

I don’t believe in my old faith but there are principles within it that I know to my core to be true after repeatedly testing them in my own life

There’s another scripture I think explains it really well:

To those who have, much will be given (mindset of HAVING instead of wanting)

To those who lack, even what they have will be taken away
(Mindset of lacking… that’s all you can keep doing… lacking)

It also says thou shalt not lie

So it’s the only way I can reconcile this one… by following the formula given for prayer

Let the weak say I am strong
Let the poor say I am rich

It’s not lying… it’s changing your perception and understanding that it will show up if you assume being/having whatever your desire or need is

I have devout relatives… they have both prayers I see fail time after time, and those they succeed in…

When they apply the formula of faith/Belief plus action and don’t pray like unsure, undeserving, beggars… regardless of the fact that I disagree with their belief system… I do see them have prayers answered!


Mark 11:24 –

Therefore I say unto you, what things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.

Yes, there is a power to prayer. Not begging that you will be given the thing you desire, but believing / assuming you already have it.

The bible is disregarded so often, which I suppose I understand, as most people have negative associations with modern Christianity. But if you take it as the mystic/esoteric text that it is, instead of interpreting it literally, there is much wisdom to be found.


Well, you know the old saying : “Pray for help, but row for the shore”. It’s much the same as in demonic evocation where you petition the demon to do something for you, but you still have to do your part in the mundane world to help with making your desires reality ( if you are petitioning for something where there is something you can do. For example, I want my pain medication dosage raised. I evoke and petition the demon to make this desire reality. There is really nothing more I can do except keep my appointments with my doctors, and not taking stuff that isn’t prescribed to me so that I don’t piss dirty for something and get kicked off. That’s still doing something and those are the only things I can do, so I am actively doing all I can do to help the demon bring my desires to fruition. That’s still working with the demon in the only ways I can. Even doing the ritual of evocation is setting the stage so the demon is set in motion towards that goal. I am doing all I can do in the mundane world, and I think that helps the demon make my desires reality because I am actively doing the only things I can, and doing so with focus, intent, will, emotions, desires, and sincerity. All of those things are important in getting magick to work. By doing that, even those things I can and doing them infused with the qualities I mentioned ( sincerity, will, focus, desire, emotions, intent ), I am still doing my part and I believe that helps. That’s how I see it anyway

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