Is there a way to get unlimited knowledge and every question answered

Btw.i am new. I always wanted to know everything, since i was a child. That is also the reason why i always was fascinated of physics, but at some point i have noticed that not everything (i was a materialist and came across the topic) can be described with formulas and mathematic. So i came to the topic “paranomal” things and occultism. I was thirsty for knowledge and i am still. So i want to ask you all if there is a demon that can answer you questions like “can you tell me how to make …that?” The best thing would be if he could appear in an astral projection/dream. Sorry if my english is crappy but i speak 3 other languages.

The best way would be to invoke a spirit and ask it a question in astral projection or while channeling.


There are some in the Goetia, for example Marchosias, who gives true answers to any question. That fact of math and science not covering everything is a key point in esotericism.
A possible way to go with interrogating the spirit is with EA’s 5 questions exercise. You “open” (activate) the sigil of Marchosias by concentrating on it for some minutes, while also relaxing your eyes. Then read a question previously prepared and write down everything popping in your mind; a possible analysis comes later, otherwise it would interrupt the flow of information.

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