Is there a way to destroy a soul?

:point_up_2:. Preferably your own. I can go into more details if needed but for now I’ll just keep it discreet. If it’s possible how can I do that? Thanks.

To destroy the human soul would be and I hate to use this word but … “Impossible”.

There are a few reasons why.

  1. If you have in depth knowledge about the human soul, you’ll understand it isn’t just a body of light or a astral body of energy.

The human soul is a very complicated organism, it is the compartmentalisation of the astral self, the Acasual self, the aethyric self, the mental self, the atman etc.

  1. The human soul is basically what’s known as Atman, the best way to explain what atman is is the following.

It is the self which lyes beyond ego, beyond the samsaric self, beyond your identity.
Think of existence, it came from the source the nexus of all that is.

Think of the source like a sun the atman would then be a ray of the sun, that ray is basically a projection of the source into anthropomorphic form.

You still hold all the power that the source did, your soul is the microcosmic projection of the macrocosm.

  1. Such a thing cannot be destroyed, since it is omnipresent, omniscient as well as omnipotent.
    You cannot destroy that, you just cannot.

Only one way I know of:


Love that Lady Eva…I always say christianity ruined my life and the LHP has fixed it and made it better. But your completely right, just work with beings like Jesus and your soul will be destroyed.

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I don’t really like to use the word “impossible” myself, but I always went with the mentality that anything that can be created can also be destroyed. I always thought the soul was something that was created, but I guess I’ve still got the Christianity system stuck in my head. I’m really not that knowledgeable about the soul/life force/ whatever the proper term is. Which is why I sought after answers for any questions I had. Thanks for taking your time to read and reply.

@Lady_Eva thanks for the link. I haven’t read through it yet but thanks to that (above) I pretty much get the idea of what you mean :sweat_smile: (I think)

Depends what you define as the soul. There are three main bodies, the physical body, the astral body known as the soul which is shed eventually after death with the exception of immortals, and the mental body or spirit which is the essence of the person. All three can be changed enough to effectively be destroyed but the effort involved doesn’t really make it worth it past the physical body. In addition something capable of destroying the true essence of a being would leave a scar on reality that would last thousands of years from the magnitude of power involved.

I know that it is possible to kill the soul with “Vinasa” “vibrate “Vinasa” VEE-NAH-SAH 9 times”
just do not do it to others, do not be assholes.

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Prostitution. Just don’t sell yourself short.

Excluding the physical I’m talking about every body that makes me who I am. That that makes me conscious. I get that the astral can be separated from the physical body, and the physical will continue to break down and decompose until there is but nothing left (save for bones that is). My question was whether the same could happen to the rest, until I am not conscious, or in other words, until I don’t exist any longer.

Basically what I’m asking is if the soul was created, where the source of it all is as well as what it is. If there is a respective being out there that created me, or a system itself, is it possible that it can ‘destroy’ me as well. I have my answer from the first reply but I think I’m just confusing myself even more than I already was.

That would destroy the person’s mental state, am I correct? Lol, I don’t think I want to go down that path.

Out of curiosity, how would you KNOW that you even successfully destroyed a soul?

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The astral body itself separates after death and decays as well becoming a shade and eventually death entity dealt with in necromancy and just a energetic copy of a single incarnation.

The spirit usually does not remain self aware much after death resulting in cycles of reincarnation until it is strong enough to start remembering and being aware. Technically you can’t destroy the soul or spirit without killing the physical body from the trauma so you are probably better off transforming aspects of it into whatever new form you want.


The Quariea online FREE occult course, talks about a Kabbalistic curse that cuts a person off of the divine source. “For this there is no divine mercy or forgiveness.”
Warning included


Can you say better because I can not understand.
Because I do not know if the trauma keeps the soul alive or whether the soul is killed with the help of trauma and what is this trauma.

The trauma is the side effect from these soul or spirit being destroyed. Think the equivalent of a nuke going off to take out a house. The entire neighborhood is going to go as well.

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So, the person that I currently am will not remain the same way after I die and/or reincarnate? Personality wise, as well as my view of the world will change as I reincarnate and nothing of present me will remain. Is that what you mean by the destruction of the spirit?

No, destruction of the spirit means the information is blown to pieces leaving only a distilled mental slop comparable to shoving a fire cracker in your brain. Your spirit is the summation of your entire existence with knowledge and memories of all previous incarnations but it just like we are often in dreams is not fully aware enough to remain in control. Often in dreams you remember everything else experienced in the dream state but most people are not in control and do not remember the dream state. So reincarnating can be seen as waking up from the dream while dreaming is time between incarnations if you want to use that analogy. Becoming a lucid dreamer lets you carry more dream knowledge and memory into the waking world and bridge the two states this is the beginning of immortality when you start being able to remember past lives and the time between living incarnations but it will be filtered through whatever personality you develop in your current incarnation and of course the events of one life are not going to define the true you but rather the events of all lives. So one bad life isn’t going to spoil the bunch.

Likely as you are now when you reincarnate in your due time you will not remember much unless you develop those faculties while in this life and then you will likely be bringing an assorted selection of memories and knowledge from possibly even other lives with you. The personality and world view changes with the times and incarnations and what assortment of knowledge you get until you attain full immortality where you have access at all times to the majority sum of your being. In that case it is less reincarnating and more akin to a god taking a mortal avatar while keeping his knowledge and power through the body.