Is there a way to change the room temperature?

If spirits and such would be able to change the temperature of the room wouldn’t we be able to do that aswell?
Could an entity help change the temperature of the room?
I’m asking because I can’t sleep well or enjoy being in my room in the summer because it’s so warm and it’s getting warmer here in Sweden right now. I live in a very old house with only one ac which I’d rather not get into detail with.
All I’ll say is that I either have to make a hole in my wall to the outside or diy a ”screen net” to the window if you understand what I meant. I don’t really know what word it is in english.

Idk why I didn’t ask this last summer when Sweden was literally on fire.

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Get an air conditioner or a fan.


So your room is too warm and, rather than turn on a fan or open a window, you feel the easiest way to solve this issue is to summon demonic powers ?
Emperor was spot on. Buy a fan and plug it in


Well,maybe a spirit could assist you, meditation wise. You know,like summon an energy of coolness unto yourself via focusing on how cold it is.


By using water element you can do it.


Evoke your thermostat and command it to adjust the temperature.


A fan barely helps when it’s super warm and opening a window doesn’t help either because it’s still warm outside.

If there’s no other way I’ll have to go through the trouble of fixing the ac but I was just wondering if it was another way to do it.

I use my fan every night, even when it’s winter time so using it during the summer when the only thing it does is blow warm air is not gonna make me cold lol

Also I was wondering if it’d be possible without a fan or ac. I mean for me it’d just be cool if there was a way to do it without using fans and such since magic and all that amazes me because of what people can do with it

Sorcery to get the money necessary for upgrading/fixing the a/c would prove helpful.


Yeah I’m on the path of trying to manifest money but so far no luck. I’m in need of money but i haven’t found what works for me.

I asked Clauneck and I guess he didn’t accept it.
I tried the Trinka five thing, nothing.
But I’ll keep searching since I really need money now that I don’t have a summer job.

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Just call the breezes, no demon needed for this one

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I didn’t just mean demons, anything that could help. I do have a fan and an ac but I was wondering if if would be possible without it since ghost and other entities can change the temperature in the room of just being there.
I wonder how that even works

It feels cool in the void.

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When I need something I have found it easier to try to manifest the object rather than money to get it. That may be how the manifestation works out in the end anyways; but with just trying to manifest the money you limit the ways in which you could aquire it.


Perceived change in room temperature and/or humidity in correlation with entity manifestation is a fairly common occurrence, but as far as I know that’s just a side effect of the summoning process. Maybe look into weather spirits or nature elementals like the Sylphs?

Edit: like others said, it’s probably easier to just manifest a fan. :joy:

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I don’t need to manifest a fan since I already have one lol, can’t sleep without it

But how would you get the object without the money though? Presents from family? Strangers? Get an opportunity to steal it?:joy:
Or if I want to go on a vacation, how does that work?

I am somehow able to manifest some things at home or if it’s me sending thoughts to my dad since it’s he who buys it or finds it at home.

It could be given to you. It may be offered in a barter that you could do. There are probably tons of ways that I am not even thinking of.

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I used to have the same problem. Here’s how i solved it:

I opened the window, put the fan in front of the window, and turned it to face inward.

Air that came in the window blew through the fan into the room, at a cooler temperature.

Try that. It actually works and is very helpful when things are hot

Only thing is, keep the fan clean. Hot air coming in from outside will fill the blades with gunk and dirt. Clean the fan once a week to keep it in good working condition.

Not everything needs magick. Some things just need creativity or lateral thinking.

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Look into psionics, that kind of direct magic is more what you’re looking for, not summoning or manifesting. I’ve done it with direct methods, but it’s not that useful. Like with a lot of things, it’s easier to redirect energy, so moving body heat is easier than ambient heat, because it’s denser and closer. So one option is just to move away your body heat quickly, much more effective than trying to lower the temperature of the entire room.

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