Is there a way to block a death curse?

So to my knowledge no one has officially sent me a death curse, but I have reason to believe one maybe coming soon. I am thinking in about the first week of March or so.

I am involved in some strange complicated stuff, and I’m trying to figure out all the variables and things that could go wrong and a death curse may actually be highly probable.

Boy am I lucky, how many people have the luxury of asking weeks before it happens?

Right now I created a little candle magick pentagram ritual for building a protection shield and have lots of people praying over me, but would that hold up against a death curse? Especially if you have a tendency to believe in this other person who may end up doing it?

Does any body know of anything else?
Or something that is really effective for such a thing?


You block power with power.


There’s 2 types of real death curses.
The hit and the Creeping.

Against the hit:
Shielding and hightened awareness,
with an aim towards dodging the hit.

Against the creeping:
The essence behind every good death curse is to rid you off your drive to life on.
To steal your most beloved treasure.
Make sure that’s blocked mentally so no one can access your true intentions.

Every lower curse, where someone want’s you to suffer for redemption,
“to make you feel the pain they felt” can be countered by the same measures,
and takes less power, but potentially more time grinding down on you.

The best bet is to get a decoy in place.
Another living being which you use to anchor and absorb the spell for you.

That haves the benefit of seeing how strong the curse actually was,
and being able to adjust your defenses to the specific outlet of that attacking energy for the future.

It’s a little bit like immune system.
You have to deal with being sick,
doesn’t mean that you die.
But it can provent you from dying from a desease catched later on.




Thanks. :slight_smile:
Oooh can you tell me more about “the hit?”
I may actually have either or on me right now come to think about it. lol
Is it all just to make you want to kill yourself?
That might be good if so, because I think I have already dealt with that stuff.
But isn’t their weird voodoo hoodoo or like Egyptian type magick that could do a fairly instant?
I don’t know if you want to give any more info on putting up a shield. I think that might make a great new topic for the forum. That way I could talk about things that I am already doing and get people to add what they know. But yeah anything that you’d like to add would be greatly appreciated thanks.


I have the feeling you may have pissed someone off or meddled in their affairs. The reason it hasnt happened yet is because they are highly controlled, are highly aware of you and observing. Probably on some priority list of how and when they will deal with you.

Yberioth is right on the two options. In terms of defenses I would not spreas yourself too thin on multiple defenses. One Powerful defense are better than multiple weaker ones.

What you think you will be hit by a car or something?

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Nope, it’s all already there.
Search, Read.


The thing is, for Magick to be actually effective,
those things aren’t very public.

And while yes, with proper understanding basically any spell which can be cast, can also be cancelled.
Well, that kind of stop’s being true when the Power on one side is just to pumped up.




A banishing ritual can do a lot more than clear a Magickal work space. Can form a force field barrier, banish bad habits, fears or be used to wither and kill. Repeating a banishing off of a bit of paper isn’t really going to cut it - but you knew that. A banishing/evoking must have power behind it and the more you practice the more power you will just know you have - because you can feel it.

I use inverted pentagrams, you use what you like.



More simply, just make your will to live stronger than his will to kill you. Watch a lot of comedies and laugh a lot. Laughing is my best prevention against curses. I have been hit by curses before, but none of them effected me in any way.


exactly, that’s what i ment against phase / form number two.

that’s generally what we all do against form number one (the hit).



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Thanks everyone who have messaged there thoughts so far. I’m happy to get more still. I like going really in depth with this.

I am a bit surprised no one mentioned doing a 360 degree mirror binding spell.
Would that not work? Backfire if he hadn’t placed a death curse or just not work for another reason?
I think maybe it could work but for other reasons I don’t think I want to go that route.

I think the more likely scenario is that he has already placed a creeping, that he is running out of chances to get working right I may have to ask about karmic correspondence stuff for that. But I have been breaking through that pretty good thus far. I think it was working with Ganga. lol

grrr I guess I have to go for a bit, I may ask about banishing / shielding stuff when I come back.


My pentagram system is a bit odd but it seems to work to an extent.
by an extent I mean until a new moon or a change in magick done by him or I, usually.
I think anyways that is what I am experiencing.

What do you think about doing a banishing ritual to banish death curses before he does one? Followed by a ritual to continue to build my protection shield? Also which is better sooner the better or closer to when I think he might do it?

I don’t think he is in a hurry to do it. He came to me in like an astral vision, or like telepathy with a fairly vivid vision type thingy, I don’t get too many of those, he was crying and telling me that he doesn’t want to but he might have to kill me, I asked if there was another way, and he said that the only other way was for me to live as a hermit forever, that he was so so sorry, and for some reason I didn’t take him too seriously, I knew we were having some issues and probably should have, there was plenty for him to mis read in my last email I had sent at the time.

When I did see his last text to me it said he was with another woman, it was getting serious, there was no chance I’d be seeing him, blah blah, blah, I started writing a response, my brain got all weird part way, I decided to lye down, my brain went back to the thought of him spooning me again and that was roughly when it happened, I was hit with massive negative entity attachment. It felt like deep cold fear and even deeper shame, it was like being sexually molested all over by demons while having the shame of you being the one doing it and the presumable fear that goes with that.

Is it at least some what safe to assume he was the one who did it?

My email I sent him before talked about demons and black magick and stuff but those were just metaphors I was trying to express on a huge lack of sleep at the time. I think there’s a chance this was all some sort of misunderstanding lol.

Okay I am rambling now, but that was on November 6th of last year, most days since have not been that bad, a few occasionally were much worse. I hadn’t had anything like this before, at least not since our last life together as I finally have been starting to recall.

But anyways the banishing for me, takes everything almost all the way out, but unless it is just my imagination making a fulfilling prophecy I usually banish after a full moon and it starts coming back after a new moon.