Is there a thing as being too nice?

Okay so throughout my life i was told to treat others as you wanted to be treated and i have. I live to make the world better and bless many with wateva i can, but whej i do help out plp they do me wrong in the end ! I need some help making mysel less nice ??? Blacken my heart a little ???


“You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain .”

I suggest you read the satanic bible. not preaching satanism, but the philosophy behind that book is real gold.

In my opinion, there is such thing as being “too nice”. When you give everything, you will not only end up with nothing, but people will “demand” more or you’ll be cursed to death.

The solution is easy and simple. Always trade. Never give anything for free. If the deal is good enough, take it. If it’s not, pass and move on.

Why do you think Angels are always portrayed with a sword in their hands? Because without it, they will get fucked ! Be an angel to people if you wish, but never forget your sword.


One thing be nice another to be a pushover first i would look into yourself see why cant i say no
Than i would work on being more assertive set hard boundaries this for me only me this can be money or time or just some fancy bauble only you can play with.
Something to think about as well most lhp people are the best people you can know helpfull kind generous but you try piss in there cornflakes
your in for a long day




Thank you so much that opens my eyes about a lot, I never looked at it that way but you are very Right. Im going to have my sword in my hand at all times!! Thank you PrinceX!!!


I’m kinda like this too. I’m really friendly and rarely dislike people without having some direct reason to. Like you, this has led me to being fucked over a lot. I’m not so nice that once this happens, I’ll just let it go though. As cheesy as it sounds, there are two extremes to my personality…super sweet and fucking psycho. I’ve found that as people get to know this about me, I get fucked over less and less, though it does happen from time to time.


You should balance care for others and care for others. This requires critical thinking.


“Many think they have kind hearts, who only have weak nerves”. So yes you can be too nice if you do it because you can’t say no and are weak. Thats not a virtue. That’s not kindness. There is a world of difference between being nice and being kind. Aim to be kind, and include yourself.


Yes, The Satanic Bible by Anton S. LaVey is a good start if you want to change (or reaffirm) some views regarding individualism and social interaction.


Be nice, until it is time to not be nice.

Set boundaries, and do not let anyone cross them. You know what is acceptable behaviour to you, and what is not.

And remember, contrary to some of the ridiculous platitudes spouted by wanna be psychopaths on the LHP, forgiveness is NOT weakness, nor does it mean forgetting the trespass against you. Forgiveness is always for the giver, never for the recipient. It prevents guilt and and anger, and resentment from tormenting YOU, and really has nothing to do with the other person (holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die, as the saying goes).

Forgiving someone’s bad behaviour doesn’t mean you have to put up with it though. If someone tries to take advantage of you because you were being nice, forgive yourself and cut the person out of your life.

I have forgiven enemies even as I readied curses against them. I forgave the man who tried to stab me even as I broke his bones in defence.

It is the sign of a powerful person to lend a helping hand to others without compromising themselves or their own autonomy. Hold to your boundaries, and help others from a place of power, not weakness.


I heard that one of my grandfathers offered to no avail his bus seat to a woman. It seems there is an inheritance issue… Some years ago I used going to Holy Mass (due to a sort of friendship with a priest) and I did the same with a girl I liked. A key point is to not do such things that people doesn’t even expect.
Then, about “smart behaviors”, it’s possible to choose how to react. Still, indeed this may be where getting ready to become angry, if someone believes you so nice to let dishonesty pass.

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Being too nice can turn you into a victim of (human) psychic vampires (emotional vampires if you will). So yeah, be nice, but know your limits.


:joy::rofl: @Astral13, I know exactly what you mean, cause I’m the same way. My favorite part is cause the 2 sides are so far apart, people have these hilarious, totally shocked, freaked out faces when I lose my shit, lmao! :laughing:


I’ll tell you all about a situation on a job a few months ago…

It was the end of the shift and all of us employees were standing in line at the time clock waiting to clock out. There were two women that were new to the job waiting on the side.

I thought I was trying to be nice and a gentleman to let them go in front of me, when the lady in front of me said, “Hell no! You don’t be a gentleman here. It’s not fair to all those people waiting behind you. You be one outside letting people on the bus.” So, I said “Alright, whatever.” I didn’t wanna argue.

One of the new women went to the back of the line. The younger of the two stayed behind. The lady that lectured me stepped up to the clock. Then the young woman stepped up to clock out. Then a fight broke out between the two. These ladies were fighting over a fucking time clock!

My point is, you can’t be nice to everybody. You can’t help everyone. You can be nice, generous and true to your character, but watch out for yourself first. It’s not being selfish, it’s common sense.

When in doubt, trust no one, but yourself. There is a thing as being too nice. To paraphrase Machiavelli, “It is better for people to hate you than to love you.”

An aside, but related:

There is this perception, especially in the Afro-American community that MLK Jr. was “nicer” than Malcolm X. He actually wasn’t. Really, they were both the same. It’s just that Malcolm showed that he willing to do what it took to protect himself and his family first. He was true to his character. MLK was willing to do what it took also but was ready for self-sacrifice. Get murdered and having your family fend for themselves IS NOT NICE. Of course, Malcolm wasn’t as ready to let that happen to his family!

Hell yeah! Me too!

Take care of yourself first, then worry about the other guy.

Fuck everybody. Don’t fuck over yourself.


Exactly. When you act out of power, you set boundaries and make choices about who and when to lend your hand, rather than have it dictated to you by the person or people needing that hand. You can’t help anyone if you are yourself in need or overwhelmed. Secure yourself first, and then help someone else.

Lifeguards often get killed by the people they are trying to help, because the person is panicking and literally tries to climb up on the one trying to pull them to safety. Sometimes the lifeguard either has to let the person go, or knock them out somehow; otherwise they will drown along with the swimmer, which helps no one.


I was just about to mention the lifeguard thing. There was this scene in the show “BayWatch” where a lifeguard was shown the proper way to use his orange floater to protect himself first from the person he is saving.

Also, consider that some people don’t want to be saved. No matter how kind you are, some people will turn on you. Usually out of ignorance, defiance or just being plain stubborn.

“Some apples are plain rotten. You just have to throw them away. Don’t even try to use them to make cider. You’ll make yourself sick.”


Your fourth paragraph - quid pro quo!

LaVey was a great Magician, full of insights who left a lasting legacy. The trick is to read between his lines and lies. He taught me atheistic Magick - purely lhp. His The Satanic Witch is full of valuable, applicable materials - for girls, boys and everyone else. I once had a yellow dust-jacket, hardback copy of that book.

If you can find Aquino’s The Church of Satan do yourself a real big favour and make sure you study at least the appendices.



I love LaVey’s work, his philosophy and magick techniques. I have “The Satanic Witch”, wonderful book. The satanic bible is my favorite.

I found Michael Aquino’s “The Church of Satan” now, appreciate the recommendation. I will sure study it in the next few days.

Thank you,


That is the most badass piece of advice on kindness I’ve ever read.


Right? I think it belongs in the Quotes thread.

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