Is there a term for this kind of visitation?

I’m not sure how to explain this one or really whether I should post this but maybe someone has had a similar experience and can give me some guidance on how to either recreate it or guide/interact with it better should it happen again please.

After my ritual with Duke Dantalion and my dressing down on self-doubts, tarot and impatience; I went to bed. As happens frequently I have erotic dreams of my Beloved - these can either be the Beloved’s soul or a payment to President Marbas; OK I now know we have a younger audience so clearly I have to clean up the description of what was going on.

Only this time, what was happening was I was waking up with the Beloved physically making love to me (he isn’t physically there), I felt I was awake and talking to him and knowing he was not physically present but he was talking to me revealing things about what is going on at the moment.

This was something I’d not encountered quite as full on in living colour so to speak. I felt as if I was awake, my Beloved was making love to me, his weight pressing onto me (he’s heavyset), him talking to me but no-one physically there.

It wasn’t scary, he simply reiterated what Duke Dantalion stated.


?Perhaps Duke dantalion or one of his servants were the ones who disguised as your lover so as to keep you going,open and calm during the act and not frightened or hesitant.

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I don’t know. I wasn’t aware that Duke Dantalion was that much into the physical act to be honest, it’s a thought. My Beloved is as he is now, not as I’ve asked President Marbas to claim his prize so to speak.

I’m wondering why Duke Dantalion would return of his own volition or send an emissary to repeat his message from the ritual earlier, as he gave me clear instructions and guidance but what the Beloved said was pretty much from a human and personal perspective.

Perhaps this has no name - thank you for your comment.

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I dunno about the act but the thing to remember is the pleasure generated creates various energies in the body. Dantalion can be very physical as i found out last night while i was being shown how to syphon my sexual energies into various centers to project different intent more precisely.

That said taking action in the day to day towards your goal is the best advise experience can provide. Even if it is small actions, they have a tendencie to snowball onto big actions and bigger results.

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Bloody hell! [quote=“Dinmiatus, post:4, topic:21302”]
taking action in the day to day towards your goal is the best advise experience can provide

That is almost word for word the Duke’s advice to me…

Does he repeat things over and over like a loop for you as well? I get repeats as if he is drumming something into me. I don’t want to give out too much detail about what I am told but he’s very firm with me.

When Dantalion was showing how to get into and what a certain energetic state felt like yes. But more in the way of remain focused on the purpose rather than the sensation. After that satate was achieved no, not much repetition, very direct mostly and pretty poetic with descriptions.

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Wow, it’s amazing isn’t it.

Alot of what i was told was in relation to methods to influence the mind and how to attact certain things in my life. Alot of emphasis was place on the necessity to shift the perceptions of how you view yourself before you can attempt to effectively shift anothers perception.

The other part of the emphasis on the need to develop strength, flexiblity and control. The was it was explained is as the densest form is empowered so to are the subtler bodies and visa vera. The former is just more noticeable early on. For as one build strength they can handle more power, with more flexibility they can bend this power and with control of the body and mind it bleeds into the everyday control you have over life.

It rings a bit of what Azazel told EA about becoming strong but seemed to show the need for each in a way that is better understood, least for me.

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Specifically regarding the way in which thoughts are manipulated, Dantalion said very bluntly " How can you expect to shift and control the thoughts of others at will if you cannot shift and your own thoughts at will"

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BINGO! I asked to switch on the light in order to make notes and it appeared that the light was getting brighter after I clicked the switch - the Duke told me to blow the bulb by thinking it brighter, I said no, I need the light to work with, and explained that the whole circuit would go etc. He explained this was a test of whether or not I believed I could cause a surge; I thought a moment and used the word HOPE - wrong word.

There was a part of the session where he listed all of my shortcomings - yep - that was fun; in three separate blocks and then pointed out that the Beloved is just as flawed (if differently) as me but he hides it better. There were a LOT of HOME TRUTHS last night.

Yep, definitely Duke Dantalion Tough Love Call Centre last night.

It makes sense when you consider the goal is to shape our reaility the way we desire. But to do so we have to KNOW what our true desires are. Alot kf what people desire in the short term is a result ofbthe constant bombardment of information that slams our minds on the day to day.

For some their long term goal are also tied up in the barrage of outside programming. For example the idea people NEED to find a mate,have a family and carry on their blood line. It is pushed on people through shows, ads, movies, stories ect. Along with several other ideas of what is “NORMAL”.

Once you strip away all the imposed ideas and goals you get to what could make you happy even it you had work weeks that at times could last 60+hours. When it is something you love to do it doesnt Feel like “work” or at least the idea of work that has been imposed, which also has the “NEED to escape work” tied into it.

Same idea applies to the kind of partners we find desirable.

Personally this is why EXTREME efforts are taken on my part to avoid “normal”. The wyrd, the strange and the unknown is always more interesting to me.

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