Is there a succubus or incubus language that I can speak?

I’m wondering this question because I feel this will be an absolute prevention from any misleading contacts or slow manifestations . or maybe a better connection perhaps .just wanting to get through to her as best and actively as I can .

I mean so there can be an easier way of contact or faster (manifestation)… Without error

Idk just thinking out loud lol

Succubus speak a demonic form of Enochian, atleast infernal succubus/incubus. However, English is also a known language among other human languages.


Well do u know how to say succubus or incubus come forth or some shit lile that to summon them immediately ?

Cause I really want to talk with her …shes been gone for some time now …:cry:

I’ll try to look it up and learn to speck it …but please procede in telling what u might know

Is it a specific one?

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Has intent, emotion, and the simple evocation listed in the tutorials not worked?


I have tried some my sources but so far enough has fsiled for me to ask for a suggestion .

Well she is a queen and has many brothers old that sounds pretty normal for her kind …nothing unusual or specific ig