Is there a spiritual reason some people attack or even kill random strangers?

Is there a reason “innocent” people get randomly attacked?

For example, yesterday a man got stabbed in the neck (sadly died), and apparently it was a completely random attack. Then I saw one other video where this homeless man threw a completely random stranger in front of a bus.

Is there a more spiritual reason why some people are compelled to do things like this?

Someone told me people like that are either possessed with parasitic beings, or some past life drama, or they have an extremely low vibration that attracts unfortunate situations like these.

Let me know what you think! For some reason I am particularly paranoid about things like this happening to me, rather than someone I actually know doing this to me.

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No, some people are just assholes and psychopaths.


Honestly and sadly no. The unfortunate side of human nature is that it can sometimes be just violent, with no motive or reason other than to be violent. We may be aware enough to understand what we do but we’re not so far away from primates that we wouldn’t snap at an instance and destroy each other.

Also just because the narrative story is there was no reason, there very well could have been. The homeless man could have been pissed, the person thrown could have said something to piss him off. The only advice is to be aware of your surroundings, know where you are, and be able to defend yourself (whatever way you deem fitting) incase of a situation.


If your scared get a gun then :+1:


I carry a gun with me since 2017. I would rather be judged by 12 versus carried by 6


I don’t understand the reference but I plan to own a firearm soon, :joy:


I would rather be judged in court by 12 jury versus carried in a casket by 6


Yes these beings can definitely cause such things. Not always but they can. Just like imposter spirits who tell kids to axe their entire families though I’m aware that some of their claims are bs. Look one can make someone become criminally violent with magick. Spirits can attach to you and make you do disturbing shit. It’s not as common as we think as most people kill for numerous reasons.

I’d love one but in my country they’re expensive and the paperwork is a headache. I’m considering getting a machete though.

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