Is there a spell to make you business minded

Very successful people have this vibe to them almost like something in their brain that constantly makes them see opportunities to make money. My question is, can this faculty of our brain be tweaked and made to function optimally by demons or spirits to make us become successful.

If so which demon is best suited for this and what is required of me. For example how would a spell like this or a petition for this be made.


Naturally. Simply ask to be made business minded.
Most spirits who have the power to grant wealth should be appropriate for this.


Jason Miller has a book on financial magick. The first part discusses money being similar to a spirit to teach the needed mindset.


Pick up a copy of Damon Brand’s book Success Magick. It’s Enochian, and will help set you up for success in whatever field you are inclined towards.


Thank you guys, I’m gonna read the book. I might as well take it serious. Love magic only goes so far but working on myself is key. Cause there’s no point finding love if your not financially ready to settle.

I highly recommend 4 Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss. If the first few sections of that book don’t make you fascinated with being an entrepreneuer then I’ll be surprised

From there look into what it takes to get a product on Amazon or any other marketplace. I see something with a price tag and immediately want to know the actual margins on what it took to get there

The world becomes a financial chessboard and it becomes very fascinating. If by chance you have any odd feelings of guilt about wealth then let me just mention how great it feels to hire someone remote in a 3rd world country and pay them a full American wage that’s worth many times more than what they could ever do with their skillset where they live


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Yeah, just stay focussed on business. That will do. This an easy one.
If you must, pick any ritual or spirit that specialises in this area. I think correspondences related to Jupiter, Mercury, Saturn and The Sun are connected to business.

Let me comment on this: Yes, Jupiter, Mercury, and The Sun in traditional sources rule over wealth (Jupiter and Mercury especially), but Saturn, nearly the opposite, and rules over the Homeless. So, I wouldn’t necessarily call on a spirit of that nature for wealth.

Never heard about Saturn and homelessness. I do know it is associated with perceived structure and transmutation. The consciousness is that of reversibility of states and cause-and-effect. It’s all about your focus. Most people link it to long-term “structure”, cycles and the like.

If you are doing a pathworking with demons, then there should be demons in the system that have financial powers. Everyone knows Bune, for example.

Something like Wealth Magick or 7 Occult Money Rituals could also be what you’re looking for, a dedicated money magick system designed to get you where you want to be financially.

I currently have a daily practice which involves summoning magick powers to bring wealth, and I find such practices extremely valuable. You want to be emotionally and energetically aligned towards your financial goal(s).

4 Hour Work Week is also my religion. Some people want ladder-climbing corporate careers, but I do not. The moment I became an entrepreneur, I knew I was doing something right.

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Interesting. William Lilly (17th Century master of Horary Astrology) says of the professions ruled by Saturn, “In generall he signifieth Husbandmen, Clowns, Beggars, Day-labourers, Old-men, Fathers, Grand-fathers, Monks, Jesuits, Sectarists” (Christian Astrology, 1st Ed 1647, Page 59)

Al-Biruni (11th century astrologer), in his 'Book of Instruction in the Elements of the Art of Astrology says of Activities attributed to Saturn, he has attributed to him “Exile and poverty, or wealth aquired by his own trickery or that of others, failure in business, vehemence, confusion, seeking solitariness, enslaving people by violence or treachery, fraud, weeping and wailing and lamentation”

Generally Saturn signifies the lower class of civilization, even among the minerals, William Lilly says “He ruleth over Lead, the Lead-Stone, the Drosse of all Mettals, as also, the Dust and Rubbidge of every thing” (Christian Astrology page 60), and when afflicted he causes poverty and despair, as they observed from his herbs, from horary astrology, from electional astrology, from natal astrology, from astrological magick and so on.

Trouble is, most modern astrologers have just about removed all negativity from their system of astrology (or emphasized some kind of positivity over any negativity) and then wonder why their system is innacurate. But Saturn is certainly related to structure, which I believe they take from him ruling over actual structures and buildings, and when a building is erecting with an astrological election in which he signifies the building and is strong, they last for a long time. But, as William Lilly says in Page 61 of his ‘Christian Astrology’, he says “Againe, if in ones Nativity Saturne is well dignified, is Lord of the Geniture, &c, then according to nature he may live 57 yeers, if he be meanly dignified, then the Native may live but 43; if he he Lord of the Nativity, and yet weak, the child may live 30 yeers, hardly any more; for the nature of Saturne is cold and dry and those qualities are destructive to man, &c.”

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His he successful? Success sometimes requires to sell your soul.