Is there a meditation to increase energy for evocation

I‘m not sure if a formulated my question right.Can anyone recommend a meditation to develop more energy for the evocation purpose.I do my evocation three times a day every day. I noticed that I don’t have enough energy,but I still don’t want to reduce it because it brings me results.What are you doing in that case?


I use EA’s Invocation of Omnipotence. My own personal energy is far too insufficient for evocation.


Can I find it online?

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No, it’s from his book Evoking Eternity. Here are the basics of the technique, copied directly from EE:

1: Close your eyes and focus on your body for a moment. Feel the sensations of it, wiggle around until you’re comfortable, and relax. Bring your awareness to your breath.

2: Focus on your breath and the sensation of your lungs filling and releasing. Lose yourself in the sensation and allow it to bring yourself down to a deeper level of relaxation. You should feel your mind slipping down into a light Alpha state.

3: Once you are relaxed, take your awareness from your body and move it into your environment. With your eyes either opened or closed, view the room in which you sit. Rather than studying the walls and the floor, let
your eyes focus on the air that surrounds you. Inhale deeply; hold the breath momentarily, and exhale, keeping your visual or imaginative attention on the air in the room. Take a few of these deep breaths and feel each one connecting you to your environment as you breathe it in and give your breath back to it. As you connect to your environment, you might feel the sensation of the room breathing with you.

4: Visualize, once again either with your eyes open or closed, the particles of air around you. See them in your mind drifting through the air carelessly, wafting about the room without destination or purpose, but merely existing around you. Continue to breathe in a deep, controlled manner as you observe your invisible environment, but allow the breaths to simply come to you, facilitating your peace and security in the
room. As you look on at the countless particles of air around you, see them slowly taking on light, as if they are absorbing the little bit of sun or artificial light that has crept into the room, and reflecting that light all around them like microscopic prisms. At this point, it is best to continue the visualization
with your eyes open. If you are not able at first to see these things with your physical sight, simply allow your awareness of it to pervade your mind as you look around the room. Know that this is happening and sense it, even if your eyes and your logical mind try to sway you.

5: As you view the tiny particles of light, as you become aware of them as more than molecules of air, see that they begin to glow brighter, the light spreading farther from their centers, shining like a million suns surrounding you. Relax your brow, relax your eyes, relax your mind and allow this image to become clear to you – so clear that although your senses cannot perceive it, your mind does not doubt it. Soon,the air around you should seem as if it is aglow from wall to wall, the warm light filling the entire room. Again, whether
your senses can perceive this or not, know that it is a real occurrence rather than an imaginary construct. Know that you are no longer visualizing, but that you now perceive.

6: Open your inner senses to the light that fills the room,rather than observing it through your superficial mental abilities. Feel the warmth of it. Feel the glow touching you and pulsing through the air. Connect with the buzzing light around you in an emotional or intuitive way, feeling its presence and discerning the purity of it. Close your eyes, and as darkness covers your vision, feel the particles of shining light still beaming around you. Penetrate the light with your intuition, sensing that it is the Light of creation, of healing, of life. Probe deeper into the core of each particle of light with your senses, and feel the power radiating from within. Sense
the awesome dynamic force that the light carries with it, the ability to expand and create unknown universes, or to superheat and incinerate those galaxies that have existed for billions of years. Allow these sensations to run through you. Rather than simply resting in your brain, let the magnitude of it fill you, until you can look out at the invisible particles of light with a familiarity and an awe. Inhale, and as you do so feel the currents of air that are sweeping towards your mouth also carrying these omnipresent particles of light towards you, as the air has become the light. It is essential that you not give in to the force of the swoon that may come over you at this point. You must not allow yourself to drift into a sleep-like state, or to “zone out.

7:. Breathe the light in, and experience it. Feel the warmth and the power of the light entering your mouth and your throat. Rather than moving to your lungs, sense and visualize it filling your torso, tingling your insides, glowing within you. As you breathe out, instead of releasing the Magickal, purifying light, instead release your worry, apprehension, fear, guilt from past mistakes, or any other negating energies that have stored
themselves inside of you. You can visualize this negative energy as a brown oily mist that seeps from your mouth as you exhale. The pure light that still fills the room cannot be soiled, but rather dissipates the noxious energy the instant that it leaves your mouth. Repeat the inhalation of spiritual light, allowing with each breath the healing properties of it to effect you, feeling it restoring your tissues and organs to prime health, cleaning the blood that flows through your body, and purging the webs from your heart. Feel this healing force entering you with every particle of air, yet with as much as you take into yourself, the light in the room is not diminished, but is an overflowing well of power and light.

7:When you feel that you are full of light and can take in no more, close your eyes and turn your attention entirely inwards. Feel the light that is now inside of yourself, glowing like a thousand suns. Feel it radiating, bursting out through your skin, not content to be trapped in a prison of flesh but free to create. Notice the tingling of your skin as this pure, creative light spreads out from you. Visualize it as an ever-expanding
aura of fiery brilliance emanating from you, the center of light. The physical sensation will be more pronounced in your face, your arms, and your hands. Let the light travel out from you from these areas, as well as from everywhere in you. Turn your attention to the center of your chest, and feel the light pushing its way out from that area, beaming from your heart like an endless fountain of love. Let your hands fall to your sides with your palms up and let your fingers curve inwards naturally. Sense the light and power spreading out from your hands, waiting if forever to be directed to some goal.

8:Once the sensation of the light emanating from you is no longer imagined, but is a solid current running through your being, take a long, deep breath in. As you hold the breath for a moment, bring to your mind an appreciation for the greatness of the power that is within you. Know that it is the same force and intelligence that fashioned the universes, this power that you have brought into yourself. Breathe out and release your
tension. Inhale once more, long and deep, and again reflect on the magnitude of the light within. Identify the power of this light with the power that you hold. Know that with this light and power within you, if you make any command with the fullness of your will and without reservation or fear, all of existence would stir and would rumble to answer you. Do not allow the innate sense of overwhelming grace and humility to hold you captive, as is possibly the strongest anti-urge that is produced with any form of invoking omnipotence. Instead,
take these emotions that would otherwise lend towards weakness and let them flow from you, out of your hands, eyes, and mouth, spreading the light within into the darkness of the lower worlds, bringing all things under the power of your will.

9:Once the power and the light has been consciously made a part of the Self, you will likely feel an urging to do something with it, to act in some way, as simple as a trickled tear and a whispered “thank you,” as dramatic as the dances and gyrations of a Pentecostal, or as terrifying as using that invisible yet very tangible force to Summon into physical being an entity that is timeless and powerful without end.

If you are not proceeding with an evocation, Close your eyes, let your head fall back onto your shoulders so that you would see the ceiling or the sky above you, and let your mouth fall open. Relax all of your body, take in a deep breath, and hold it. Feel the light within you gathering in your chest, and as you exhale, feel it rushing out of your body into the air. Regain your previous posture, inhale slow and deep, hold the
breath, feel the energy collecting in your chest, let your body go limp, your head tilt back, your mouth open, and release the breath until there is no more air in your lungs. Two or three repetitions of this discharge should clear you of the light that you have pulled into yourself, and will most often cause an extreme exhaustion. You will feel the tired glow that only arrives after intense intercourse, feeling like a numbing opiate
swarming your soul and forcing your active mind into a dead slumber.

Repeat this exercise at least a few times, once daily, before each evocation that you perform, and feel the potency of it quickening with each repetition, allowing you to become comfortable in the presence of your own godhood, pushing your power to its critical mass, and invoking a portion of supreme omnipotence each time.

it’s actually a lot easier when performed than it seems written out. lol


Thank you!! I appreciate your help!


where I can find it?


The Invocation of the Bornless One does not serve the purpose of powering you up for an evocation though. That is not what it is used for. It is used to obtain the K&C of the HGA (Liber Samekh) and the original version is used as a preliminary invocation for the Ars Goetia, as, according to Dr. Stephen Skinner it is, in fact, an exorcism.


@princessofdarkness if you want a different option other than what I already gave you, you can always learn the Middle Pillar ritual, which is used for the same thing. It’s available all over the internet.

There’s also EA’s Conjuration of All Magical Powers:

“Itz rachu mantantu vespacha kaltamu
Itz ranta mant kala mant atzu belt tazu
Vaskalla itz rachu kantantu velchatza”


Find about Toilet Satori :wink:

I think I’ll try both options.

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Good idea. My main technique is the Invocation of Omnipotence, but occasionally I will use the Summoning of All Magical Powers chant instead.

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@DarkestKnight do you know what @anon95547948 talking about? Toilet Satori?!

I think he was either being an ass or trying to be funny by suggesting you have a bowel movement.

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The colored flying dragon in each of us is more powerful than any demon/angel or entitie known or unknown. In fact this power is what demons or angels use. The power can dissolve any magic, no matter what it is.


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It doesn’t matter , I already got the answer from you :slight_smile:

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Do I have to memorize this over time before I do it or will I been fine looking back and forth at the book?

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Are you talking about the Invocation of Omnipotence? There is no harm in reading the instructions as you learn the steps. It looks pretty long when fully written out, but it’s actually fairly easy to practice.

Well what I’m asking is as I’m doing the invocation could I look in between each step as I’m doing it?

I mean I know over time I’ll memorize it but for now

Yes, that is what I said. Apologies if it wasn’t clear. There is no harm in reading the instructions as you’re learning, and the best way of learning is by doing :slight_smile: