Is there a male mentor in their late 40s/early 50s?

I’d like to get something done before I’m dead.

I’m willing to learn.
I will also apply myself more.
Not looking for competition, just competence.
I have zero patience and need structure and a consistent eye on me.
I also need daily feedback.

I don’t believe I am being a very good student to the one I have now, and need someone who understands me better.

Sorry to my mentor, but I need more guidance and think a male my age would be more comfortable.



Work on your discipline and patience.

You want a mentor, that’s fine.

BUT you are giving away your power in the process. A mentor is supposed to help you, not receive your power.

You don’t NEED more guidance. You don’t NEED a male your age to be comfortable.

You need to embrace all your imperfections, steel yourself, and burn away all the shit that you don’t like, by your own, step by step, piece by piece, without mercy.

Decide ONE thing that you need RIGHT NOW to be able to advance further in magick. Just one, THE most profitable, but also relatively attainable.

Now research all exercises that would allow you to get it, give yourself 3 days to do this. Try them all out once or twice, and the one that gives you the most results… FOCUS ON IT. Do it each day, for a specific allotted time (don’t go overboard on it, you’ll get sick of it) and do not fucking stop until you achieve it.

Rinse and repeat.

Stop apologizing, and start burning shit away and building your empire.

Have no mercy towards your own weakness.


Yes. I do need a male mentor my age.

Youre imposing limitations upon yourself Fuego.


No. I am more comfortable learning from a.male mentor my age.

And why is that? Are they not human? Are they some godlike being that has achieved full divinity?

No. They are in the same physical body as you.

Be your own mentor. You only need discipline to succeed.

Fucking REMOVE the word “need” and “sorry”. REMOVE the word “can’t”.

They don’t exist for you anymore.


Not your tarot, not a mentor, not the forum, not any fucking books and manuals.

Just discipline, smarts and raw fucking desire.


Look, don’t piss in my pocket and tell me its raining.
I’m 48.

Reread my OP.


Good luck.

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I’m 18. What does our mortal shells decaying have to do with anything? Need implies limitation. You’re blocking your own path… I’ve tried to help you… So have a lot of us…


Fuck this. Two golden dawn temples had competent adepts my age contact me.


I don’t need this. My mother dropped dead at 53. I’m 48.

Okay chaps if OP has asked for a specific thing, can we see if anyone who qualifies answers first please? :+1:

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I drove mortuary transport. Don’t think you can’t drop dead at any age.

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I dgaf if you’re 18-47. I would rather have my original request.

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Calm down, think of something such as the crown of the head pointed opposite of the tailbone. And this will help straighten your back. Next, think of a spot about a hand-width above the crotch and below the navel, this is the center of your body mass. Spiritual energy enters through the crown of the head, along with rooting by positioning of the tailbone correctly, for the energy center in the center of the hips. And when you connect the spiritual energy into this realm and this energy from being grounded into the spiritual realm, do not forget the center of your body mass a little below your navel and above your crotch.

Because if you forget your center, things seem to move amazingly fast. Only after you learn something more basic, such as locating your center, do you move to more abstract things, such as the center of the sternum. Because the center of the sternum is the heart energy, because if you reach out without putting you internal forces into order, all results will also be disordered.

Then you can after you are ordered, allow that pencil to rapidly move, along with heating scent ink, for whatever spell or curse comes though. A inner quieting is needed to allow something other than personal voice to come through, with experience at other things becoming possible.


I just started with someone based out of Canada. We did some awesome elemental meditations last night. Hes older and been practicing for over 30 or 40 years. If he is good I will refer you


Reminds me of this:

“It takes two to speak the truth - one to speak and another to hear.”
― Henry David Thoreau

I think you’re just asking for someone who you will be able to hear properly because you know they’ve walked some of the same mileage as you.

When we consider that traditionally, one’s mentors would have been from the same community or even same village, it’s not so bizarre a request and not looking to shut out all other people, ever, so good luck and I hope someone contacts you who can assist. :+1:


I only know one on here even close to that age group that has been long enough as to have proven himself reliable. And I’m not sure if being a mentor is even something he does.


I have to be up early to do general labor.

Good night all.