Is There A Main Symbol of the Draconic Path?

Like I know the dragon and there’s the sigil of Lucifer but is there a symbol that embodies the path itself and not the individual spirits? Just wanting to know.


The eye of the dragon.


Like every current, it has a large host of sigils, including it’s spirits, that make up the current, because they resonate with one another.

What you’re looking for is the core of the current. So the dragon itself or the eye.


@Fallen_Angel and @Lokthoriel
Is there a certain dragon eye symbol/sigil I could use? Like idk if there’s a certain one in any book.


Draw an inverted pentagram in black and a draconian or serpentine eye at the center.
Edit: Add two serpents to the sigil one serpent on each side of the pentagram, left and right.


@TheMagi I have a few pics here of eyes that you can at least use as inspiration (two of which are from books on the Draconian current, one of which is my own rendition)

From the Draconian Ritual Book;

Eye of Leviathan from Apophis;

Personal sketch of how it looks in my mind’s eye (sideways);

It’s not really necessary to use them in ritual (I just focus on my third eye personally) but it’s useful to have an image when you’re starting out. Anything that speaks “dragon” to you can be used really. :slight_smile: Hope this helps.

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