Is there a long list of elemental spirits?

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I have read few topics about elemental spirits and their 4 kings. I was wondering if any author has made a list of these spirits and their abilities, may be a grimoire for elemental spirits of Fire, Air, Earth and Water.

Also, I wish to ask why there are no spirits related to ether element? I never read about them yet. Am I missing something?

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This would be nice

As far as I know, the answer is no. The spirits under the Elemental Kings, can be likened to the legions under the Demonic Kings, in that they are infinite in number. The sylphs (Air), salamanders (Fire), gnomes (Earth) and undines (water). all possess the traits and qualities of their element. Konstantinos, in his book Summoning Spirits, gives brief descriptions of them, such as “the undines are very beautiful and staring too long at them can lead to obsession.”

As for the fifth element in the Persian system (the system of four elements plus ether or spirit is Persian in origin) it is usually seen as the guiding hand behind the elemental forces of the physical universe and therefore does not have spirits that embody it, beyond the Eternal Source which is behind everything. In the Chinese system of elements, they do not include Ether or Spirit, but have Wood, Air, Water, Fire, and Metal.


The most effective way to get a practical list or grimore of spirits may be to work with the elemental kings and ask them for teachings in the mastering of their element with their help and the help of their legions.

Potentially you may end up with a text for each elemental kingdom similar to the Book of Azazel which notes a Handfull of the spirits in that kings legions that EA worked with. One could potentially work with Azazel and learn about these spirits and many others that were not included in the text.

Some others have posted that the Demonic kings, princes, dukes, ect. Can be compared to heads of various companies. When you go to them with a petition if it is accepted they send it down the latter to their employees/ familars/ soldiers how ever you prefer to term it and they do the task.

With the book of Azazel you get access to some of the names of those spirits who work under Azazel.So you can petition the king and then go straight to the guy who will actually be doing the job and work with them to get it done the way you want.

I see no reason the same kind of work can’t be done with the other spiritual rulers.

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