Is there a limit to sigil magick?

I’ve saw a post somewhere on this forum that someone said that it’s not good to have many entities working at once, like, if you need two or more different spirits for different jobs at the same time.

So, is there actually a limit? Or it depends on the mage?

The general consensus is no more than two or three at once but some say you could potentially go up to five. Energies can cross and start working against each other. Are there magicians that may have had 12 sigils open and running at once with no I’ll effects? Sure. There are always exceptions to every rule but its best practice to limit the amount of workings you have going at once.

Hmm, too bad, sigils are great practice for the theta/gamma synch…

Hmm, if I scry the sigil until it flashes, but without the need for anything, just to get a better grasp on the synch, will I get a entity that is just lazying around? (That is a funny tough)

If anything ask the entity for knowledge, I would just call one to say hello. There is a lot these beings can teach, so if you call them for practice at least ask for that. Another thing you can do for practice is scrying into a black mirror (or regular mirror) or a ball (I have clear quarts and obsidian orbs).

Im in the midst of a task force and there are days I have to work with five spirits. The secret for me is to apply their particular characteristics in the part of yhe problem that is pertinent to them, i.e. a duke to not let the work fall apart, a president for quick and smaller tasks, a prelate for something that shall last longer, etc.

Choose (using some divination or advice from a spirit you trust) one entity to work with and then ask them what they recommend. If your astral senses are still developing, ask for the reply to be in a format you can understand clearly.

Sometime’s they’ll “refer you” to another entity, sometimes they’ll say no, sometimes they’ll give you practical tips.

I don’t think there’s one clear-cut numeric limit but piling on different approaches without checking with the entities themselves is probably going to risk problems.

I guess everyone forgets about the 9 from Baneful Magick when talking about how many you may have open. I’ve had multiple sigils open for quite a while and suffered no I’ll effects that I can think of.

I mentioned it before, but in regards to how I like to work it mirrors Diazin’s approach closely. Multiple entities each assigned a small part of a major goal, each small part is specialized so that the entities influences need not cross one another’s.

I’ve had periods where I have had as many as 20 active sigils working at the same time. I’ve found that it helps if many of these entities are related. If they are synergistic, or from the same “kingdom,” you likely won’t suffer any cancellation of energies.